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Happy Birthday MadisonMandy!! (Read 42 times)

ultrajogger n00b

    Hope your day is truly "Mandylicious"!!!

    Le professeur de trail


      Enjoy Mandy!

      Uh oh... now what?


        Enjoy Mandy!


        This is why commas are important, although it might be why forum encounters are unexpected adventures too.


        Happy Birthday oh fearless leader and keeper of the forum and dog walker and person with a nice smile who sometimes walks next to a lake.


        Endless trails

          My how you've grown since that 29 mile run last year.


          Happy Birthday, Mandy!!

            Mandy, I hope you have an absolutely fabulous 30th birthday.  You rock!

            Upcoming races: 2/14 Woolley 50K, 2/15 Fort Ebey Marathon 3/7 Spring Run for Fun Marathon, 3/28-29 Umstead 100



            Computer Geek

              Happy Birthday, MadMandy!

              Refurbished Hip



                You guys are the best!  Thank you!


                Last year I ran 29 miles for my 29th birthday.  This year I ran for the first time in 110 days -- 3.0 miles for my 30th.  It'll have to do this year.  I'm a little sore.  I don't know if I'll be able to run again soon, but it was nice to get out there.


                Faster Than Your Couch!

                  Happy Birthday, Mandy!


                  Enjoy a wonderful day, and the great post-run feeling!

                  Run for fun.


                  running under the BigSky

                    happy 30th!  glad you got to run and hopefully it's just the beginning


                    Don't Fence Me In 30k 5/9

                    Bob Marshall Open 5/23-???

                    Pengelly Double Dip 13.1 miles & 3000' 6/6

                    Beaverhead 55k 7/11

                    Devils Backbone 50 mile relay-maybe w/ NH if I'm recouped 7/18

                    Elkhorn 50k 8/1

                    Blue Mountain 30k 10/1



                      Happy Birthday Mandy! Here is a present for you:




                        Happy Birthday Mandy!


                        Glad to hear you got a run in.


                        Parkville MD

                          Happy Birthday!

                          Now that you're 30, have you started to plan for retirement Smile?


                            Happy birthday to you,

                            Happy birthday to you,

                            Happy birthday dear Mandy,

                            Happy birthday to you...


                            Big grin



                              Even though I feel like crap right now, I'm smiling because you ran 3 miles.  Happy birthday, Mandy.

                                Happy Birthday child.  Smile

                                I need to sign up for a race..