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    Eric : ) writes:
    Hi guys, Most of this update consisted of minor bug fixes, including a maps "fix" for IE 8 such that the map won't jump all over the place. The one new feature in this update is a "Streak" widget that displays the consecutive days you did a certain activity. If you customize your summary page, you'll see it on the list of widgets that you can add to the page. This is a very experimental feature. It does not consume much server resource to come up with the value. However, there are two major limitations: - I wanted to allow you to specify a minimum distance or duration for the streak but I'm not able to do so. It only considers if you did a certain activity on each day. It is possible to do that, but the server will have to do a whole lot more work to get that. - This is a useful feature for groups that promote consecutive days of running. However, I couldn't figure out how to count the streaks for multiple people at the same time. I could do it for one member at a time, but that too is very costly for the server. For now, you'll have to accept these limitations. If you're a database guru and know how to do this efficiently, drop me a note. eric :-)
    Check my log to see how it looks Big grin
      Sweet!!!! I had asked Eric about this back when I started the group but always knew he had more important things to work on. But it is pretty cool for us. Yay us. Jeff

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        Love it . . . and it is huge so no one can miss it! Smile


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            Eric is Awesome!

            Bring it on.

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              Love it!



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                    Jugdish just posted explicit directions for how to set this up. Thanks Jugdish!! http://www.runningahead.com/groups/mileaday/Forum/cab54a18d83845dba92cb16a9ac9be07
                      Cool...hadn't seen the original post on this...Smile I haven't been on the forum much lately...I do like that addition though! Happy streaking y'all!