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    Today was the magical day, I had my 100th day of daily running. I went for my run this morning at 6AM. I usually run in the afternoon, but that's how the schedule worked out. It was a fantastic run. 53 degrees, cool, and perfect for running. It was 6AM, so it was very quiet out. Perfect for reflecting on 100 days of running. Normally, I don't think about running while running, but today I did.

    I thought about how I first started, almost two years ago with the Couch to 5k program. Before that program, I wouldn't have run if a bear was chasing me.

    So, some stats as I reflect upon my running...

    9/24/07 - the day I started running with the Couch to 5k program
    11/24/07 - the day I ran my first 5k - 34:40 was my time
    I joined the Seacoast Series for the 2008 season and had to complete 6 of 8 races and one had to be a 10k to get a jacket. I ran 7 of the races, 2 of them were 10ks and I am the proud owner of a Seacoast Series jacket.
    6/14/08 - the day I ran my first 10k
    11/9/08 - the day I ran my first half
    6/1/09 - the day I started running every day
    27:27 - my best 5k time on 6/7/09 at the Smuttynose 5k
    54:58 - my best 10k on 8/20/09 at Saunders
    40 pounds - the weight I've lost since running
    Month of August - had a 100+ mile month
    Longest run during the 100 days was 10 miles, least was 1.88 miles
    This year I’ve run a total of 533 miles and 1255 since I began

    It's crazy and fantastic and I really hope goes to show that ANYONE can run. I don't have any "next" goals for the daily running, I'm just going to keep going for as long as I can without injury. My next big running goal is the half marathon at the beginning of next month. Thanks for reading along, both with this post and my running journey.


    I fly.

      Great job!

      Bring it on.

        Awesome job.  I love the stats.  Keep it up.





          Good for you Kathy!  Keep it up! 


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            Great job.  Keep at it.

            In it for the long run..


              "It's not who wins the workout..."

                Thanks everyone!!!



                    Way to go!


                    2013 Goals:  >2,000 miles, 50-miler and 2 marathons  - Goal met PLUS a 50K.  Take that, Cancer.


                    Top 'O the World!

                        very kewl!
                      Remember that doing anything well is going to take longer than you think!! ~ Masters Group
                        A thoughtful reflection on some accomplishments of which you are rightfully proud.  Congratulations!