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    Great miles this week, Rob!   


    My knee was just fine today.  I did 7-1/2 fairly easy miles and didn't have any problem with it.  I guess it was just tired yesterday.  


    Running- the real sport.  The others just play with their balls.

    Susan,Queen of the Crocs

      Hi, Rob and Cherie.  Nice miles for both of you yesterday and today. 


      I have been busy all day, so no miles for me.  Tomorrow should be better, or at least less crazy, I hope.

      ND Wolfwood

        Quiet in here . . .


        Got in an easy 6 w/ strides yesterday and a progressive 12 in some light and steady rain this morning.


        Christmas is getting close!  Has everyone finished their shopping, decorating, planning, etc.?



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          Hi hi, Susan, Rob, everyone!

          I did a 10 miles run today with 4 at tempo pace.  It was a cool day and I was so glad I'd wore my ear muffs and jacket.  Unless I decide to do a few hills, I think I'm just going to take all easy runs til after Christmas.


          Rob, awesome run despite the rain.  Brrrr!  Are your kids all excited about Santa coming?   


          I've done all the Christmas shopping I plan on doing, but I've yet to wrap a darned thing.  I usually do all the wrapping myself, but I think I may enlist help this year.   We don't have a lot of plans other then just staying here (wish more family were closer around!)  and having a big meal.  


          Running- the real sport.  The others just play with their balls.


            I hear ya Cherie.

            I still dont think Christmas is coming apparently. If it wasn't for Cindy telling me yesterday that she got my presents in the mail, i never even would have thought too much about it.   might have got around to wrapping her stuff this weekend. Then it occurred to me that i gotta get her stuff  in the mail! Now!

            So i mad scrambled and wrapped last night and made it to the post office this afternoon.

            I asked the guy at the counter if it would make to her by Christmas and he said it probably would but if i wanted to spend $80 on shipping, I could overnight it and it would definitely make it.

            I said, "well I love the girl and all but I gotta draw the line somewhere".  "Let's take our chances with priority mail".  Wink

            Susan,Queen of the Crocs

              ROFL-Jeff, I think you're safe with Priority mail.  Glad you got those packages in the mail today though. 


              Cherie and Rob, nice running! 


              Not much going on here for Christmas either.  The boys will be here, and my Gram and Uncle are coming.  I'm not even planning a huge meal.  Just cooking a turkey breast in the crockpot and having hot turkey sandwiches with gravy and fries with some salads on the side.  Family tradition is to have sandwiches on Christmas day so that nobody has to cook.  I'm cooking but not going to any great amount of trouble.  Should be a fun and relaxing day.


              It is super rainy here this evening.  Precipitation is supposed to continue through Saturday, but mostly should be rain.  Those in the mountains will get to see some white stuff.


                Hehehe@ Trance!   Reminds me of that commercial where the guy asks if he mails his gifts today will they make it there by Christmas.  Then when the postal guy asks where the gift is, he grabs the pens out of the pen holder and throws them into the shipping box.  $80 on just shipping?  That's outrageous   I wouldn't do that either, and we all love you, Cindy!   Glad you got her gifts off to her though. 


                Susan, you'll have a nice small family gathering!  That sounds really nice in fact.  The sandwich tradition is a super idea.  Hot turkey sandwiches with gravy, yum, yum yum!   Hope you get a few breaks from the rain to get your cold, wet runs in (brrrr, the thought makes me shiver!)


                I haven't ran yet today.  I went to bed and woke up both with a headache.  I'm hoping it goes away soon, and I'll try to run, otherwise, I'll take a rest day.  Take care all!


                Running- the real sport.  The others just play with their balls.

                  Hi everyone,


                  just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas.


                  Santa Claus has been to our house and I am going to bed.  Staying home in the morning then heading to my parents a couple hours away for dinner.  Staying there overnight then coming home wednesday at some point.

                  Susan,Queen of the Crocs

                    Merry Christmas, Happy Feeters!  You all are the best!


                      Merry Christmas, Happy Feeters!  You all are the best!

                      Merry Christmas to you too, Susan!

                      And Merry Christmas to all the happy feeters out there!

                      Susan,Queen of the Crocs

                        Hey, team!  We have bad news and good news.


                        The bad news is that Adam (12EasyMiles) is still injured and has gone on IR.  The good news is that he continues to heal and should be back with us soon.


                        The other good news is that  B a d g e r is back on team Happy Feet!  Welcome back, B a d g e r!


                        Stress fx Queen

                          I'm sorry to hear that Adam had to go on IR. Sad  Welcome back Badger! I think I remember you from before.





                          Trail Dog

                            Welcome to Badger. Blush


                              Thanks for the Christmas wishes everyone!  Hope y'all had a great day.

                              Cyrus- hope your children were excited about Santa's visit and y'all had a good time at your parents.

                              Susan-  Cry@ Adam being on IR!   He's such a strong teammate it's rather surprising.  Glad he's being smart enough to take the time to heal up though.

                              Welcome back Badger -- you're the one that did all those ultra trail races right?   Well it's good to see you back on the team.


                              I took 3 days off of running over the holidays, but still managed to get 25 for the week.  So I'm not too unhappy.  I went ahead and signed up for a mid-February marathon, and have already started 2nd guessing myself.  But I tend to get so burned out over those long marathon training schedules that I sort of just want to see how this will work out.


                              Running- the real sport.  The others just play with their balls.


                                Susan, do you mind putting me on IR?  I'm not going to run again until I can get to the ortho about my foot.


                                Sorry guys. Cry

                                Do you even run?