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White Lightning

    Nice video, Josh- no feet? Saw on tv today your weather is going to be around -15 degrees Friday and Saturday, Toronto going up to 11C on Saturday, what a difference! You have talked a bit about your weight, if it is not too personal how much do you weigh, what height are you, and what sort of build?



    Well we hit 9C yesterday then just took a nose dive.  You know it wasn't bad out there, was layered pretty good, just when I hit the part of my loop that heads north, I was heading into that arctic north wind that kicked my butt.  Wind is the killer.  Plus there was so much snow I couldn't find the side walk so was pretty uneven on the ankles, a bit sore right now.  The snow was very light and fluffy


    I'm 5'8" and October 2011 I topped out at 243 pounds, i'm hovering around 172.  I was tested last week and i'm still at 22% body fat so I can easily lose 20 pounds of fat which puts me around 150-153 and 10%, my goal for end of November.  I always thought I was muscular but i'm really on a skinny frame.  My before and after pictures are pretty unbelievable, in my mind at least.  In 2002 I was 155 pounds and still a bit chunky


    Sprinkles - If its not in the house, I have no cravings.  When my family comes into town and eat bacon sandwiches for breakfast and grilled rib-eye's for dinner, I have to leave the house or I cave.  I'm still not comfortable going back to the kitchen until I can get it under control, i'm messed in the head that way.  You know what the worse thing is?  I broke up with an amazing girl a couple years ago that was vegetarian, I couldn't handle the concept, live and learn.


    Question for Graston people, were you able to run the day after?  I'm planning on running before my appointment tomorrow and was planning on Sunday as my rest day.  Should I take Saturday off instead?

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      Good morning, Donuts!  I've been up since 4:15 and not for the sake of running... I actually generally don't run when it's dark out, mostly because Alby (pup) is brown and his hunting vest only does so much.  Maybe I should invest in some reflective gear.  Anyway, I'll be getting out for 6 at lunch today.


      I'm not vegetarian, but I'd still be up for the recipe sharing board!  I still cook at least 1 veg meal per week, so I'd be up for sharing mine and learning some new ones.  I'm sure DH would appreciate me not making sweet potato and black bean enchiladas on repeat.  Heck, I'm always up for recipe sharing of any kind.


      Sprinkles: Now I get the sparkle skirts thing! Smile I used to want to be a figure skater when I grew up (to 16 or so).  But for real, kudos to you for getting out of a problematic situation, especially at such a vulnerable age.  I saw it all around me in HS cheerleading but the pressure definitely isn't there like it is in skating, gymnastics, ballet, etc.


      Josh: That's an impressive loss over 15 months.  Good for you, you should be proud of how far you've come.

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      Bad Ass

        Morning!  I slept 1-2 hours again (this has been going on all week). Thanks to Hershey, one of my cats.  4 recovery miles to and from the chiro in a few minutes.


        The thread was opened and I shared some recipes there.  I think josh opened it.  Thanks!  I have gained 5lbs this week (I assume is the taper and stress) and I have not been able to sleep at all.  Still, I'm planning on doing the HM easy on Saturday and to shoot for 150-153HR on Sunday and see how that goes.  If I can replicate my last three long runs, it should give me a slight PR.  But anything below 4:45 is OK with me (well, if I can do 4:39 or lower better).


        Banshee, I assume you're not planning on doing the 20 miler fully at MP, right?  I would do no more than 14 of those miles @ MP.


        onemile, great 12 miler.


        Flinders, nice workout.  If the quad keeps bothering you, schedule a deep tissue massage, that should help.


        Sprinkles, sounds like a good plan.  Hope the back stopped bothering you.


        SimonR, enjoy the rest day.


        joshlynn, nice weightloss.  Congrats.


        akalei, enjoy your 6 at lunch.

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          Graston is meant to be run on.  I've run lots of times right after my appointment and of course, the next day.  You shouldn't need to take any days off for it.


           Question for Graston people, were you able to run the day after?  I'm planning on running before my appointment tomorrow and was planning on Sunday as my rest day.  Should I take Saturday off instead?

          Ball of Fury

            Hi Donuts!  We are packing up the car and getting ready to leave so just wanted to stop in one last time and say thanks so much for all the encouragement and advice...I will do my best to make you proud!  Still concerned about the heat but am just trying to hydrate and relax as much as possible.  Again,not sure if I will be able to post this week or not because of my phone but I will try!  If not, I will update you when we get back.  Good luck with all your runs and training!!

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              Forgot to mention earlier this morning... good luck at Disney Ami and Docket!

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                Yes, good luck Damaris and Ami!!  Kick some ass!

                  Whats up donuts! Back from the cruise but still swaying with the ocean (ready for that to stop). Toe was not cooperating on the ship so no runs until we got home last night. An easy 3 that felt great, more tonight. Looks like there is a lot to catch up on. That may take a while. I see the recipe thread, coolness. I managed to not eat to terrible. I swam about a mile in Cozumel while towing kids over the reefs trying to point out different fish species. Its January and I am tan, strange looks in my office building.


                  Good luck AmiK and Docket, Rock it.


                  P.S. Dolphins feel like wet rubber.

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                    Graston is meant to be run on.  I've run lots of times right after my appointment and of course, the next day.  You shouldn't need to take any days off for it.



                    +1. Josh, my chiro actually instructed me to start running ASAP. He said it is more effective when coupled with activity. Something about the way the tissues readhere. He also said if I felt better while sedentary but hurt when running, then there's no point. So for the first week, he asked me to resume running but at a constant level. Then the following week, he gave me the green light to increase quantity and quality. By week three, I was back in full force.

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                      I finally get to be back to running today.  I was a little worried with all the drainage and coughing I had when I woke up, but I've been feeling better as the day has gone on.  All I have scheduled for today anyway is a 5 mile recovery run, and while I'm not actually recovering from any hard runs, I think I'll do it near recovery pace anyway just to ease myself back into things.


                      Good luck Damaris and Ami at Disney!


                      Sprinkles - that is very cool that you were a figure skater, and even better that you had such a good coach and made it out healthy.


                      Josh - I feel you on the cold temps, but fortunately Minnesota has been spared from any big snows since mid December.  It's been "warm" (above freezing) and sunny here all week so the paths are actually in great shape since we've been getting some melting.  Going to be a lovely 14F for my 17 mile run on Sunday, though.


                      Onemile - nice job on the MP run


                      Akalei - I think that black bean and sweet potato enchiladas sound pretty awesome.  I had a taco with that as the filling from a food truck once and it was yummy.

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                        Hey all,

                        Columbus is getting hit by rain this morning, so I wasn't able to get my run in. I'm gonna see if I can do it after lunch, but if not, then this will have to be a URD, and I'll have to make up the 4 on Sa. and Su. I will say the Hansons pacing works because I'm ready to do some easy miles after yesterday's tempo (which is assuming a 3:50 marathon).


                        Disney racers, safe travels! Enjoy the trip. Take it easy tomorrow. And then smash it on Sunday!!! I'm already looking forward to those RRs.


                        Roll, welcome back.


                        Josh, not to sound contentious, but why do you need a HRM to tell you that your effort and pace won't align in conditions like that? I've run in knee deep snow before, and when I hit conditions like that, all bets are off with pace, effort, etc., and I just try to get the distance in.

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                          Best of luck to Docket and Ami.  Enjoy it.  You earned it.  Bummer about the weather though.


                          I think the recipe thread is a great idea.  I'm interested in reducing my wheat intake but I just love sandwiches, and cereal and pasta.  (Brown rice pasta, yeah, just not gonna cut it.)  So I'm hunting for ideas.


                          With all this talk of "I wanted to be a figure skater," I just want to set the record:  I wanted to be a rock guitarist or a second baseman.  Didn't work out.  And I'm not gonna run a marathon dressed like Eddie Van Halen or Felix Millan (i.e., Mets 2d baseman from my childhood) either.


                            Morning donuts!  2nd sports doc appointment today.  Will report back on the results.  Awesome weather here in Atlanta this weekend...50s at night, 70s during the day.  Sigh...sure wish I could run!  DH is cycling tomorrow with his triathlon buddies since the weather is mild.


                            Running with Graston:  I was instructed to wait a couple of sessions before running since I have a pull along with the adhesions/scar tissue.


                            Josh:  Thanks for starting the recipe thread.  I'll check it out and add to it this weekend.  Good luck with all that cold weather.  I don't know how you do it!


                            Roll:  That would be tough for me to leave warm spring/summer weather and come back to the cold.  I'd be trying to find a career down there!


                            Docket:  You've had some good luck with the asthma lately.  Crossing my fingers that holds for this weekend.


                            AmiK:  Good luck!

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                            BQ in 2013

                              Morning! never got around to posting yesterday as I had an all-day off-site meeting to go to. Just a easy 5+ miles this morning as I overslept some. Goal was 6m so 5+ good enough. Tempo run tomorrow for 40min. Ben awhile since i did a traditional tempo like Daniels suggesting. My VDOT is 47 so my T pace is 7:10 and anything over 20min Daniels has chart for specific pace you should run. 40min is +15sec T pace so right around my goal HMP of 7:25 for my HM in March.


                              Good Luck to Damaris & Ami at Disney. iId love to do Disney one year but that be my racing budget for the year.Smile

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                                Running with Graston:  I was instructed to wait a couple of sessions before running since I have a pull along with the adhesions/scar tissue. 

                                Josh, Mdwag brings up a great point. I think whether one can run or not during Graston treatment differs from case to case. It's probably best to talk to your doc about it.

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