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    Someone posted this today on one of the Annapolis forums

    Scott Jurek diet tips:

    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


      I had #1 and #2 on his list...I went to Chipotle for lunch, which included black beans (beans and lentils) and brown rice (whole grains).  Now if only their burritos did not have a 1000 calories and thousands of milligrams of sodium I could feel pretty good about my choice.


      A couple of the items on the list focus on proteins, which makes sense given that hes a vegan.  Even for a vegetarian like myself, who does not eat meat, but who will eat animal products like eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt and so on, getting the recommended daily value of protein is a much smaller concern as I probably still manage to get half my protein from animal products despite being a vegetarian.  All animal products have the ten essential amino acids that make up most protein and they have them in about the same proportions that we need them.  Even though grain products and other vegetable products claim to have protein on their label, most of them do not have all ten essential amino acids (or only have some of them in trace amounts) meaning your body will probably waste a lot of the protein because it needs all ten amino acids to say repair a muscle fiber.  Probably about a fifth of vegetables have all ten essential amino acids but they are still not  considered complete proteins because they only have at least a couple of the amino acids in trace amounts even though they ahve them.  Soybeans and quinoa (which he mentions are two of the rare exceptions that have all ten amino acids in more than trace amounts).  


      There are 20 amino acids total, but only ten are considered essential acids because almost all of the types of protein the body creates uses those 10 whereas the others are used much less often.


        "Wings Wednesday" (courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings) and Ben & Jerry's Fudge Brownies dessert. That's what going on here in this office (don't tell Scott Jurek!).

          "Wings Wednesday" sounds like a disaster in the making for a workplace. I wouldn't be able to fight that off every week.


            Fortunately (depending on how you look at it), it seems to be more of an every other Wednesday thing.


              I think I set a high bar last night for bad dieting.  I went to Outback Steakhouse with my parents for my dad's birthday.  We ordered an appetizer--a blooming onion.  I ended up eating about half of that.  They also gave us some bread and butter when we were waiting and I ate about a third of that.  I then ate a pasta dish there and a side of fries I ordered.   After dinner I had ice cream for dessert.   I'd guess the total calorie count for the dinner and dessert was between 3,000 and 3,500.  Luckily I ate light yesterday prior to this large meal (I had maybe 1200 calories between breakfast and lunch).


                It's ok to indulge on special occasions, especially if you've been on your best behavior for awhile leading up to the event. Did you manage to squeeze in a post-prandial run?


                Things have gone too far here. Yesterday was Wings Wednesday (I believe I had 11 meaty, heavily sauced wings) with B & J's fudge brownie ice cream confections for dessert, as I've already explained. But then what should I behold upon walking into the office today but a bounty of McDonald's:  a big pile of breakfast burritos and decadent cinnabon melts (big ones) for everyone. I couldn't resist having one of each. Now, having already gotten in a solid run today, I didn't feel too guilty --- but I can only imagine if I weren't a runner, and were someone struggling to cope with a weight problem (which would likely be the case), how helpless I'd probably feel when being constantly confronted by these tasty temptations (oh, and every Friday here is donut day). It is of course very gracious of my employers to continuously provide these treats, and it would be disrespectful for me not to show my appreciation ... by eating some of everything!

                  Emily and I also ended up at Outback last night. I overate, but not nearly as much as I usually do there. We were there later, though, probably when you would have been done.


                    Amidst my marathon training, I would typically tip the scale around 122-123 lbs --- except for immediately after one treadmill long run when I dipped below 120. Well it seems that my dedication to carb-loading in the days leading up to the marathon (when my mileage was greatly reduced) and then my hearty efforts to replenish after the marathon (a bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys was the only thing that could sate me Sunday evening!) added up. Yesterday afternoon I weighed in just a hair under 130 lbs (even though I'd just sweated about a gallon on the bike machine).

                      Impressive. I'm hoping I don't gain weight while the achilles recovers.