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2012 US National Championship Team (Read 2304 times)


    **  Note:  (1/2/2012) Although I no longer aspire to make the team or run a lot of miles - I will keep this up as there might be a few people interested


    I will try and accumulated the results of people during the qualification period - March 18, 2011 - June 11, 2012 for the 2012 24 Hour National Team.  Please help me to correct errors and get all he results into this thread.  The minimum is 135 miles for men and 120 miles for women.  I may post a few results that just miss to recognize the people.




    The 2012 World Championship is September 8-9, 2012 in Katowice, Poland


    This list is unofficial - But it is my final list of who should make team USA if the choose to accept the invitation


    Women (4 open spots)


    * Connie Gardner 144.72 (2010 and 2011 US National Champ) - Auto

    * Deb Horn 131.75 (2011 2nd place US National Champ Race) - Auto

    Sabrina Moran 147.90 (NC24) - Open

    Anne Riddle-Lundblad 140.26 (Freedom Park) - Open

    Suzanna Bon 133.97 (NC24) - Open

    Carilyn Johnson 130.92 (Desert Solstice) - Open


    Next best performances

    Lana Haugberg 128.71 - (FANS24) - Open

    Lisa Bliss 125.98 (NC24) - Open

    Anna Piskorska 122.83 (2011 Accross the Years) - Open


    Men (3 open spots)


    * Serge Arbona 156.49 (2010 National Champion) - Auto

    * Phil McCarthy 153.37 (2011 National Champion) - Auto

    * Johnathon Savage 146.28 (2011 2nd place National Championship) - Auto

    Mike Morton 163.9 (Hinson Lake) - Open

    Jon Olsen 158.53 (NC24) - Open

    Harvey Lewis 142.86 (FANS24) - Open


    Next best performances

    Joe Fejes 142.08 (NC24) - Open

    Glen Redpath 139.21 (Crooked Road 11/2011) (Canadian Citizen)

    Zach Gingerich 133.93 (Cornbelt 2011)

    Byron Lane 133.07 (NC24)


    I believe it will take > 145 to make the men's team and > 130 to make the women's team


    I wonder who is still going to make a push for it in the next 3 months?  Scott Jurek - David James - Nick Coury - Suzanna Bohn - Anna Piskorska - Jamie Donaldson - Jill Perry ?  Others? 

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      Current Race

      Hinson Lake - Last year on a hot and hunid day - Mike Morton ran 153.89 - Mike servers in the US.


      Western States

      In 1997 the race was won by Mike Morton, a 25-year-old US Navy diver from Stevensville, Maryland, who completed the course in 15 hours, 40 mintues, 41 seconds, a new course record, which stunned the locals. Western States folklore always held that no out-of-state runner could win, nor could anyone younger than thirty. Morton proved everyone wrong on both counts. 


      Here is a race report from someone other than Mike that tells a little about Mike's 2010 race - 




      Upcoming races and results


      Hinson Lake 24 - Rockingham, NC - Sept 24-25 (Trail)


      * 2010 Mike Morton Ran 153.89 on a hot day

      >>>  Results not posted, but reports are that Mike Morton ran 163.9 - Which would be a Masters AR if the course was certified.


      Self Trancendence Ottawa - Ottawa, ON - Sept 24-25 (400 meter indoor track)


       >>>  No one ran close to qaulifying distances in this race



      Spartathon ~ 153 miles - Greece, Sept 30th

      There is some pretty good US runners this year - If any finish in under 24 hours this would count (Scott Jurek used it)

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      Chisholm Deupree
      Jamie Donaldson
      Rajeev Patel
      Dan Rose
      Oz Pearlman
      Michael Amstein
      Andrian Belitu
      Christian  Burke
      Chad Ricklefs



      24 hours of Boulder - Boulder, CO - October 15-16



      24 the Hard Way - Oklahoma, OK - Oct 22 - 23


      IAU Bronze Label Race


      Ultracentric - Grapeville, TX - November 18-20 (Road)



      Soochow 24-Hour Invitational in December - Website is not english - But Scott Jurek is running it.



      Desert Solstice 24 - Phoenix, AZ - Dec 17-18 (Outdoor track - Invitation)


      IAU Bronze Label Race

      *David James, Mark Godale, Michael Arnstein, Carolyn Johnson, Liz Bauer are all running Desert Solstice


      Accross the Years - Glendale, AZ - Dec 29 - Jan 1st (24-48-72 hour)



      Freedon Park 24 - Morgantown, NC - Dec 31 - Jan 1st


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      On On

        Current Race

        Hinson Lake - Last year on a hot and hunid day - Mike Morton ran 153.89 - Mike servers in the US.


        Looks like he got 163.9  (taken from a note on the Ultra List)


          Damn that's good on for a hottish day on the trail!


          I do not endevor to beat that to qualify - Meaning to me there are only 2 open spots left.  I may have to PR to make the team ...


          Looks like he got 163.9  (taken from a note on the Ultra List)

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            Looks like he got 163.9  (taken from a note on the Ultra List)

             That is hauling ass!

              Looks like he got 163.9  (taken from a note on the Ultra List)


              That is Awesome!  And on what does not sound like a super fast course.  It would have been cool for him to run at the National Championship.


                I am not sure, but I think he is serving his country in Afganistan and its hard for him to get state side - The only thing being over there might give him is heat training ...


                I can not wait to see what he does in Poland next year! 


                That is Awesome!  And on what does not sound like a super fast course.  It would have been cool for him to run at the National Championship.

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                  Its old news, but no american finished spartathon this year (2011)


                  Next up 24 hours of Boulder (Oct 15-16)

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                    I am out of serious training and do not aspire to make the 2012 team - But I am still a huge fan of US 24 hour racing, so I will try and keep this thread up.


                    Only Anna has been added to the list since my last post - At ATY (Accross the Years)


                    Up comming races


                    3/14 Landsford Canal, Landsfordd Canal State Park, Catawba, SC http://claudesinclair.com/RaceApps/Landsford-Canal-24-hr.pdf

                    3/16 Howard Aslinger Foundation 24, Cape Girardeau, MO http://howardaslingerfoundation.org/13.html

                     4/20-22 24 Hours of UTAH - http://geminiadventures.com/

                    4/21 24 run for Cancer - Hampton, VA http://va24hourrunforcancer.com/

                    4/21 24 Hour Adventure Trail Run - Traingle, VA http://athletic-equation.com/24-HR_ATR.html

                    4/30 Operation Endurance - Fort Benning, GA - No link

                    5/5-6 Cornbelt 24 - Eldridge, IA  https://secure.getmeregistered.com/get_information.php?event_id=5717 

                    5/5-6 NorthCoast 24 - Cleveland, OH - Spring addition http://www.northcoast24.org/

                    5/10-13 3 Days at the Fair - Sussex County Fairgrounds, NJ http://www.njtrailseries.com/

                    5/26-27 Nanny Goat 24 hour trail run - Riverside, CA http://www.oldgoatrunners.com/old_goat_50_home_page_017.htm

                    6/2-3 FANS 24, Minneapolis, MN http://www.fans24hour.org/

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                    Bacon Party!

                      What about Carilyn Johnson = 130.92 at Desert Solstice ?


                      pace sera, sera


                        Nice catch Buzzie, I remeber seeing that too

                        I am fuller bodied than Dopplebock


                          Thanks - I added her 


                          What about Carilyn Johnson = 130.92 at Desert Solstice ?

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                            Finally info on Freedom Park 24




                            Anne Riddle-Lundblad ran 140.26

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                              I still have this fantasy that I will lose weight and try to qualify at FANS24 ~ So far I am making very slow progress at weight loss @ 10 pounds in Janaury.  Still puts me @ 232.  I will not run FANS unless under 200 and to have a realistic shot at my goal I need to be 190.

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                                But the consolation prize for not making the 24 hour team is pretty good ~ Superior 100M race.

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