How long does it take you to warm up? (Read 566 times)


    My first 1/4mi is usually terrible but it seems to get better and I feel great around 3/4-1mi. So far I have been running mostly 2-3 miles 5-6 days a week. Today is the first time in a while I did four, felt great. My problem is this, my reason for getting back into running after slacking off for a while is my annual PT test (Air Force). It seems like it takes me about a mile to fully warm up but the test is only 1.5mi.

    It's not really a problem, I passed the test and am continuing to increase my endurance which has the added benefit of increasing my speed. It just had me thinking - for those of you that run more than just a couple miles a day how long does it take you to warm up?

      I think this is very personal, but for me, the better shape I'm in, the more of a warm up I need. And, the more important it becomes to do multiple bouts of fast running. In the morning, it might take 3 to 4 miles to be ready for a quality effort.  In the evening it's not as much because I've had all day for my body to wake up.

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        2 miles, give or take a half mile, generally.  On a really good day I find my groove ~1 mile in.  On a "bad" day it could take 3.  And then there are those wretched runs where every step feels awkward and stiff and sore and heavy.  I hate those days.  Fortunately they are few and far between.  When I have more than a couple of those in a row I will often take a day off.

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          Minimum of two miles, including some strides.   Pretty much however long it takes for me to work out a nice big dump.

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            I typically take the first mile as warm up. But even after starting a long run, I don't feel like I'm grooving until 3-4 miles into it. That comfort zone will last for the majority of the run. I start feeling discomfort once I get past the 2-hour mark (maybe because I deliberately do not ingest carbs during the run or maybe some other reason).

              I do not hit my stride and warm up until ~5-6 miles.  Seems the 'gears change' and all is right with the world.

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                I knew I'd jinx myself posting in this thread...just ran >10k and never did feel warmed-up. Tongue

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                • 6 duathlons (1 Olympic distance)

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                  I do 1.5 mile warm up. I get to the start line <2 minutes before the start of 10K or less.

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                    It usually takes me 2-3 miles to get the kinks out. After about 5-6 miles my mind usually reaches this calm meditative state where I feel like I could keep running forever.


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                      Before a race, at least 3 miles, including some dynamic stretching, building to some race pace sections 10 minutes before.


                      For a regular run, probably 2 miles before I know how I'm gonna feel.  When doing higher mileage, sometimes 4 miles to hit pace.


                      Before speed intervals, at least two miles of easy running and stretches.



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                        Minimum of two miles, including some strides.   Pretty much however long it takes for me to work out a nice big dump.

                        This. Most days.


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                          For a training run, probably a good 3 miles...for a race, how long of a warm-up depends on the distance, but I always like to do strides so that my legs are already warmed up by start time.


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                                probably 20 min or so, and if I'm doing something hard, I might do better after 45-60min. Maybe there's a reason I like long runs. Wink

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