First long run - pace plummets (Read 631 times)

    Hey guys, the good news is that I accomplished my first long run. 3.4 mi doing a run 3,walk 1 scenario. I felt great at the end, like I coulda kept going, but I noticed my pace went from 12:45 to 14:16. Is this normal for the long run? Kimmer
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      You SHOULD be running your longer runs slower than your regular pace - so yes, that's normal! Smile
        Yes, especially for first long runs. Give yourself some time to adapt. Big grin Congrats on your first long run! Smile

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          That's what happened to me!!! My first long run was also about 3.4 miles and my pace actually plumetted to 16:24. I ran it again 12 days later and my pace was 10:26 and I took 20 minutes off my time! It sounds like you did the same as me. Itook it a little too easy the first time I did my long run - but I think that it is better to go easy and see how your body copes than to push yourself too hard too quickly. Congrats on completeing your first long run Smile Claire xxx
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            Definitely better to do your long runs at a slower pace. Eventually you may find that you don't see much difference in pace between your shorter runs and long runs, but it's good to keep them slow and relaxed at first, until you have a good base. BTW, woot! Big grin k

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              Congrats on your first long run! I'm in agreement with the others- It's good that you are taking it slower on longer runs. I, personally, am having to re-learn how to do slow, easy runs! By going a little slower, you won't get hurt and your pace will naturally reflect your progress. Don't worry about your watch, and you will see and feel progress.