Heckuva 3 days for me (Read 199 times)

    If you can't brag to a bunch of anonymous runners on the internet, to whom can you brag?


    Wednesday:  6th grade son wins his first ever 800m track race at a local middle school (6th grade only) triangular.

    Thursday:  14-year-old son wins both the 1600m and the 800m in convincing fashion, setting new mile PR, in middle school dual.

    Friday:  Sophomore son gets 2-mile PR and his first ever high school varsity medal (3rd place) in 7-school meet in one of the most competitive efforts I've ever seen from him, hanging tough with the leaders through 7-1/2 laps and only losing out in the knife-fight final 200m.


    It's like being in dad-runner heaven.  Cool

    - Joe

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      WOW!  Congrats to all.  Obviously, your kids picked the right parents.

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        Very cool.

        Runners run.

        No more marathons

          Nothing better than watching the kids do well.  Congrads to a proud dad.

            Nice!!!! Congrats to your sons, and to you too!!

              I'd be bragging, too!


              That's pretty cool, Joe!  Cool

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                all iln one week?   thats fantastic.  kudos to you too for being good role model