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    thought I'd start things out... blah!!! had a horrible run this morning. Completed OHR W7D1... but boy was it a struggle!
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      You'll be just fine, eyedoc! Smile Congrats, Meg, on the new 'powers'! I hope everyone is doing okay...I'm about to finish up W2 very soon, and I want to hear good news from everyone! Oh, btw Wingz, nothing is wrong with getting beaten by slugs...I just have some pride issues, haha. Tongue
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        eyedocguy, the lousy runs happen so when you have a great run, you recognize and appreciate it. Wink Thanks, goddess. This week will be my last C25K. Week 9. Monday is a rest day.

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          Hi everyone, Weelittleme moved me over here from CoolRunnings but since I'm technically not yet a Graduate I figured I'd post my last few weeks of C25K updates in here. I'm currently on Week ??? I made it through Week 6 but have been struggling since then due to scheduling snafus, bad runs, and a lack of motivation. I repeated Week 6 again last week (except the dreaded D3) and will probably do so again this week. It's weird, up until week 6 I really felt like the mental game was harder than the physical one (whoever would have imagined that I'd actually run 20 minutes in a row? Nearly psyched myself right out of that one). Then I had a few bad runs in a row and now I've gotten myself into a bit of a funk that is affecting me physically-my W6D2 repeat last week nearly killed me. And my pace is the same, the temperature is the same, all the factors that normally affect my runs were the same as previously, yet it felt so much harder. I'm hoping to bust through this rut this week. It seems like most people in my C25K group over on CR were getting more and more motivated as the end drew near, but I'm the complete opposite. Anyone else feel the same way?
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            You're welcome, CanadianMeg. Hope you don't leave us once you graduate! Smile Jenner, I'm not really in a position to talk since I'm not up there yet, but I'm pretty sure you're just psyching yourself out. Slow and steady wins the race, and even if you feel like you can't go on, think of how you'll feel when you do! You'll be smiling all over and completely amazed with yourself. Sure, it's painful/nightmarish while you're doing it, but you've been working up to it and like all of the steps before it, it isn't as big of a step as you thought it would be. I have full faith you'll do it soon! Big grin I am DONE DONE DONE with Week 2. It was smoldering hot outside, and I paid the price for wearing mostly black clothing outside to run. Luckily, my Zune workout armband was on my doorstep right before I went out for my jog and it was a godsend. It was hard, but definitely not as hard as W2D2. I even had to speed up to beat this pack of people, and I was surprised I was turning the corner that quickly! It took the wind from my sails but luckily it was the end of the interval anyways. I'm excited that Wednesday is the start of Week 3! I also find that my knees complain at first, but once a minute passes, they calm down. Anyone have that before?
            Couch to 5K support group! Short-term goals: - Sub 35 5K - Complete my 16-week 10K training plan.
            Long term goals: - Sub 30 5K. - Compete in a 5K. - Train for a triathlon. - Compete in a 10K.

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              Just finished OHR W4D1 run - 30 minutes covering 2.81 miles. Had to run on a treadmill in the hotel, but I did it. Just glad to see that breaking away from my surroundings didn't change my routine. goddess, you mentioned knee pain. No matter how much stretching I do, my left knee has been sore for the last few weeks. It doesn't keep me from running, but it hurts when I wake up the next day. Funny, it actually feels better while I'm running. Not quite sure about that. Here's to a good week everyone!

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                W6D1 all done! Congrats on the admin gig, Meg! Jenner...I've been in bad run funk before. I go for what seems like weeks where no run feels right. Sometimes a day off helps. Sometimes a change of scenery or slowing down the pace. goddess...some runs take me a mile or so to seettle in.

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                  OHR W2D1 done! Had to run on a treadmill at the gym...BORING...but I made it.
                    Hello C25K Gang, Completed Week 7 last night, covered my longest distance so far, 2.25miles in 25 mins, which means that, somehow, I am lumbering along at almost 11:00 mins per mile. PROGRESS!!! Week 8 starts on Wednesday So Meg is our new Oracle. Splendid, you and Wingz give great advice and experience, which has been really helpful. Keep going everyone

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                      I've stalled out again, I haven't ran in over a week or more. I have been walking on my Nordic Walk Fit almost everyday but I have run out of steam to get my butt out on the road and run! Confused I don't know what's wrong with me! I'm in school tonight until 9:00 so there will be no running for me today. Hopefully I'll get out tomorrow, maybe if I wake up early enough I'll run before work!
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                        eyedocguy - glad you're still out there, and still running. I was wondering how the OHR was going for you. Have you thought about repeating any weeks? I'm asking because I'm behind you - just finished OHR w3d3 this morning, so will start adding length on next week, and I'm scared. Jenner - I understand what you are saying completely. It does seem like a lot of people get really psyched up when they make w5d3 and run that 20 minutes straight. I completed it, but it felt BAD. So I repeated week5, which helped me move on. Now I've just finished running 30 minutes three times a week for FOUR weeks in a row, and feel like I "ought" to be chomping at the bit to go longer, but 30 minutes feel just about right. But, I'd really like to get to the point in my life where 60 minutes feels just about right. So, I think maybe we just need to keep pushing through, and then our times that are long for us now will be short for us eventually, and will feel good then. Keep going everyone! I think that's actually what I'm most proud of for myself. I've made some significant modifications to the rest of my life to fit in some of my runs in the last week, and that's a first for me. Too often in the past I've let my life get in the way of my exercising, but not lately. That's an accomplishment for me. Big grin
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                          W9d1 finished over the weekend. Then, did a hydrorider class yesterday (think spinning in the water with arm exercises at the same time) and my calves shouted too loudly this am when I tried to run again. So, I walked the 2.5 miles I was going to run instead. Hopefully they will have forgiven me by tomorrow or Thursday and I can try again then. Nice to be able to do the 30 minute run though Smile
                            Happy Canada Day! Big grin I just got back from my first run of week 9. It's 65% humidity and pretty warm which is why I opted to go early. I hit a new longest distance. I found the last 90 seconds pretty challenging and it could've been a better run overall, but I'm content. Big grin Of course, now I'm wondering how long it will take me to get up to running 3 miles, but I think that's a ways off. Tongue

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                              Moonstar, I didn't realize anyone else was at the same point as me. That hydrorider sounds tough! Jennicap, you'll get back to it. Getting out the door can be the hardest part. meltchett, isn't it great when you hit a new distance! runswithdogs, you are bike training these days still, right? How's that going? Gellabella, you are a runner. You make it work even if it isn't ideal. Good stuff. I hope you can get outside and off the treadmill soon. chimera, week 6! You are doing great! I found that after week 5, this program has been going by fast! I love reading how you are all doing. Just keep finding a way to get that running time in. Keeps the stress down and keeps that heart strong! Cool

                              "Don't feel like running today...suck it up and run're an athlete." (John Stanton, founder & owner of The Running Room)


                              Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)


                                Hi all~! I'm new. I'm 15 and trying to get in shape, so I started C25K last night (W1D1). This site says I "ran" 16:27 minute miles. I feel really accomplished, but I struggled to get through it. Hopefully my next run (tomorrow) will be slightly easier! Big grin