Charlotte, NC area runners


Week of 01-07 OCT 2012 (Read 69 times)

    Great weather really is here!

    amlinz 104.3 mi
    CliveF 60.8 mi
    Strick* 54.2 mi
    CarolinaBlue 46.0 mi
    Pete.Hu 34.6 mi
    Lpadg 32.0 mi
    Happyfeet 30.8 mi
    asdg123 23.3 mi
    atomno2 20.1 mi
    theyapper66 20.0 mi
    jdbrown 17.7 mi
    alholley 15.2 mi
    fraggle 14.9 mi
    SForrester 10.0 mi
    nanxin 4.0 mi


    And we're just starting to unleash the summer fitness:

    Last week:            
    This week:            

    “Everything you need is already inside.” -- Bill Bowerman

      What the hey, people, is there an Internet outage in the Charlotte area?


      FYI: I just had an awesome workout.  I hope I'm not leaving my Richmond Marathon performance out on the roads, though.

      “Everything you need is already inside.” -- Bill Bowerman

        Did anyone else do the Susan Komen run?

          Adrian, I didn't make the race. How was it? You running the Monday Run?
            Lynwood, the route was nice. Not bad, uphill at start. And downhill on Morehead. Will mostly likely come out tomorrow.