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November 2012 (Read 340 times)

    Just popping in to say good luck DR on your race this weekend!  What is your goal? 


    PF, good luck to you as well on your race next weekend!


      Good luck to everyone racing this weekend . . . color me jealous!



      PR's: 5K - 19:21 (6/15/13) | 10K - 40:27 (7/4/13) | 15K - 1:03:45 (9/27/14) | 10M - 1:06:44 (9/21/13)  | Half - 1:29:50 (2/17/13) | Full - 3:12:09 (10/26/13) | 6 HR - 37.05 mi (11/16/13)


      Upcoming Goal Race: Snickers Albany Marathon (3/1/14)

        I am running Vegas. Wheather is hotter than I wanted, even warmer than Miami which is where I am. Fortunately, the dewpoint is low so it should feel cool.

         Good luck. Hopefully they have everything worked out. Vegas should be an awesome marathon if they could work out the kinks. I haven't even checked--are they running it at night again?

          holy cow activity!!! I'm going to have to start stopping by here more often!!!


          HI PEOPLE!!!

            holy cow activity!!! I'm going to have to start stopping by here more often!!!


            HI PEOPLE!!!


            Yeah, really!  Hi, everyone!


            I've been around RA for a while, starting on the Master's forum, and here some as well.  I don't post much but do try to get by to read on occasion.


            Finished my 16th marathon in October (Steamtown, Scranton, PA), and like others here, I get as nervous for each marathon like the first.


            Hey, I wonder if we're going to have to go back to a weekly thread?  Although here I am in the November thread on Dec 1.  Smile


            Oh, and I may be the last to know: what happened with Runner's World?

            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


              Awesome to see so many new faces.


              I have to say to our long time people, I don't know how I missed our name change, but the other day when I went to go find Team Blister and didn't see it, I freaked out a bit.



              I guess this group is more important to me than I realized.... so I'm glad you're here.


              I'm heading out for a run.   Calf/achilles is still an issue , but I'm working on it.



              Welcome to all the new people!   And yes, Jelly, lots of activity.      Lou, I looked it up-  looks like RW people were unhappy with a new format,. I think??