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    Just bumped into this (and the cherry and the strawberry).  Drinking it now.  Still figuring it out...

    Needs more cowbell!

      The label is pretty.  Is it more sweet or more tangy?

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      A Dance with Monkeys

        Not very sweet, and with a robust bitterness


        Very pink

          Did you figure out it you had to take a second mortgage? Sam Smith's are very spendy. Tasty, but not sure they're worth it.

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            Wholey shite, is that something new, or newly imported? Looking at the review, seems as though it's a fruit-only mash, rather than a barley + fruit??? And since when did the Brits make such things (other than cider)???



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            A Dance with Monkeys

              Barley and fruit.  Pricey, but not too much.  In the end, it is not the best raspberry out there, but it was drinkable.  They do other beers better.  I still have the cherry version to try.

              A Dance with Monkeys






                No bad.  Much more balanced than the raspberry.  Ain't New Glarus or a good kreik, but not bad.