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    Just popping in to say hi, haven't read these threads in a while, but I just wanted to say hello and wish everyone well. Smile

      Howdy Do, Esther.  Stop in again soon.


      Got in 5 miles Friday.  Ran 'em too hard and paid the price for it yesterday during my 14-mile trail run.  Also started coming down Friday with a nasty cold, which didn't help yesterday, either.  Have been feeling pretty carpy the last two days, but hopefully I am over the hump.  Tomorrow's 4 are suppose to be nice and slow, and that's what I intend to do.  Will go a little easier on myself with Tuesday's strength training in the hopes of not totaling bombing Wed's long run.


      And next week's gonna be a bugger work-wise, so I need to ensure I get most of my aggressions out in my pre-work workouts. Wink

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        quick run by tonite.....5 spot for me this aftrnoon.


        Hey OM


        Happy running to all!

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          Hi guys.  a week of cold runs.  got a little warmer as it went on--Starting at 4° on Thurs, 12° yesterday, and 17° today.  I did 7 miles with a nice breeze for most of the way.  I've actually gotten pretty good at getting the layers right.  Ending up a little warm at the end, but better sweaty than chilled.


          then a 4 hour round trip to go to visiting hours for a cousin who passed away last week.  She's on my Mom's side that i haven't been close to (no problems, jsut distances and age differences) My Mom was the youngest of 9 kids, so a lot of the cousins were almost her age.

          I think I need a race..............................................


          flatland mountaineer

            Hi all. Lynda did 10 yesterday. I got in a 12 miler to giving me 37.1 for the last 7 days, 31.1 for the calandar week ending Saturday. Orthopedically I am pretty sound but hurt all over last nite. I did struggle in the middle miles, and my first mile of any run these days seems to feel like the first mile I ever ran. Takes a while to warm up I guess. Anyway best 7 day mileage in over a year. Still have some poundage that I put on when my dad sick but am happy to have a jump start on spring.


            Hey Orange Mat.


            Take care of that cold Leslie sounds like you have some easier runs on deck. I skipped 3 runs 2 weeks ago to get over mine and I think helped speed my recovery 'cause I bounced back with a huge week for me. Good luck getting them sisters whooped into shape at work.


            Hey Ev, nice 5 spot.


            Stumpy good on you gettin' out there in the cold. Getting the right layer combo is always a challenge, somtimes I run to the corner and back about a mile then readjust to finish. Nice 7!


            Weather of late has been great for running, not so much for winter wheat. It is warm enough it tries to break dormancy and there really is not enough moisture to support growth. Many wheat fields at the moment appear bare and dead but winter wheat seems to have nine lives and hope we have a few left . I have done a few winter fabrication projects of late and am cleaning up some excess equipment to go on a consignment auction.

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              Leslie....I so hope your week goes well for you.


              Sorry about your cousin, Stumpy.  Nice going gettin' it done in the cold!  More miles than degrees?


    're getting some great miles in.  Looks like Lynda is too.  Congrats!


              Two days in a row of shorts and T shirt running.  5 yestrday and another 3 today.  The LMD joined me today for an added bonus!


              Keep it going folks!  Lookin' good!

              Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM




                Sorry about your cousin, Stumpy.  Nice going gettin' it done in the cold!  More miles than degrees?


                Thanks, Ev.  I barely made it--4.1 miles and 4 degrees.  Although there was a -1 recorded elsewhrere in town.


                Leslie--hope your clients from Heck realize quite how ridiculous they're acting.  Of course, since it's gone this far, probably not likely.  Smile, survive, and watch the hours add up as the estate goes down.


                Jim--good on YOU for all those miles.  especially after a cold.  Hope it keeps going.

                I think I need a race..............................................


                Queen of 3rd Place

                  Leslie - what a sad...and aggravating...story. It's amazing how some people simply don't behave like adults. Hope a couple of easy days does wonders for you this week.


                  Stumpy - more miles than degrees, indeed. But what happens when it's minus-something? You get credit for the next day? Clown


                  OM - nice to see ya 'round these parts.


                  r2 - nice running week for you, young man. And Lynda, too!


                  ev - starting the year off right.


                  Took a few days off the let the achilles settle down. The bump is gone and it feels fine, so I did an easy 6 today. I will continue to watch it, though. As much as I want to race this year, it's just not worth it if there's an increased chance of injury.

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                    Achilles check-in. The bump is gone, hooray. There's still a whisper of soreness when I go down stairs but not during running. Two weeks til race number one is short, I will continue to follow r2's advice to exercise caution.


                    I have an Amazing Book Recommendation: Unbroken. It's about a guy who was a bit of a ruffian as a child, became an Olympic runner, then was part of a bomber-plane crew in the Pacific during WWII, got shot down and survived for the longest then-recorded time in a life raft, went to a concentration camp, came home messed up in the head, found religion and forgiveness, and lived to a ripe old happy and healthy age. That's just the skeleton of the story, it's the details that are harrowing, shocking, jaw-dropping, unbelievable, inspiring, wow...I don't have enough words. I don't care if anyone is into/not into running or war stories or religion, I guarantee you'll love this book!

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                      Glad the achilles is settlling down, Arla.


                      4spot for me this aftrnoon.  Another beautiful day, around 60F....shorts and T.


                      I've discovred the wondful world of IPA.  Having a Santa Fe Brewing Co. "Happy Camper" tonight.


                      Enjoy my friends.

                      Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM


                        Yes, glad the lump is going away.   Take it a little easy so it doesn't come back.


                        Ev--I love an IPA, but I'm getting a little overwhelmed with the hops that a lot of folks are throwing in these days.  I've been enjoying some porters and stouts these days.  I very rarely more than one and one of those is pretty filling.


                        Well, I broke down last night and registered for my first marathon last night.  Can't remember if I mentioned it here before or not, but it's in Lubec, ME and crosses over into Canada and Campobello island.  Lubec is not the most bustling town and I was looking at lodgings and found the good ones were going quiclky. I figured it ws now or never. Since DW is going along, we're going to stay in a B&B for a few nights as a mini vacation.  It's June 23rd, so I think I should be able to get in some good training.


                        also will be going back to Richmond April 13th for the HUGE 10K that I did last year.  will also be going a little closer to home for a half in western Mass where my sister lives.  So I'm hoping that I won't be traveling as much for work, so I can train for all these races I'm traveling to. Roll eyes


                        happy weekend all.  hoping for double digts tomorrow.

                        I think I need a race..............................................


                        flatland mountaineer

                          6 today to give right at 30 for the week. We had some excitement as a coyote came out from near the calf  feed bunks near the neighbors house. Dessa Lou went into pursuit mode and ran down the 'yote in about 150 yards and hit him hard and just about took him down. I got her called off before the real rumble started and that coyote was outa there, I don't think he wanted to try his luck with the Big Dog. We continued on and came on tree row she always hunts on the way by and flushed a pheasant. She flushed one yesterday also, guess I need to teach her point first :-).


                          Arla sounds like you are on the mend with the achilles. My college rodeo bud  had his achilles severed when his rope horse planted a front hoof on it. It took him a good 8 months after surgery to do much and a year before he was normal and was probably 19-20 years old at the time.

                          I love those greatest generation stories. My dad left the farm in the 30's never to return. He hitchiked to Lincoln to University and found a room with a windowed farm lady with 2 boys of her own on the edge of town. Dad and the boys were best friends especially the oldest John. John shipped out early so younger brother Ed stood in as his best man. John flew the hump in Asia and stayed in the service and was one of the last out of Saigon. Dad was field artillery in Italy and awarded the bronze star. Ed was infantry and captured and later escaped in the battle of the Bulge. Ed came home and founded the Leanin' Tree card company. Ed was honored as a living hero at the Bolder Boulder 10k the last year we ran it. Ed wrote in his Christmas card  to dad that he was no hero, all the heros Died (on the beaches, trenches jungles etc during the war). Me, I think they got the right guy. John and Dad have passed but dad although never really a runner was always in decent shape and was the oldest male competitor at our local 1 mile at age 90. I listened to their stories for hours and Ya, I've had it easy compared to them.


                          Hi Ev, nice weather nice 4!


                          Stumpy kudos for signing up for the full. It takes alot of courage to go for ones dream, congrats, now make it happen!!


                          Milder than normal temps here some outside work done on the farmstead. FInished up winter maintenance on my sprayer, Have some minor work to do on our number one tractor then do the strip-tiller and Planter. I just about have our crop budgets done or at least as much as I can do as outlooks are so uncertain pending rain. We will be headed out soon to warmer climes for a week for our marketing and outlook conference. Just so happens they have a big bike ride and Half the weekend before.

                          The whole world said I shoulda used red but it looked good to Charlene in John Deere Green!!

                          Support Ethanol, drink the best, burn the rest.

                          Run for fun? What the hell kind of recreation is that?  quote from Back to the Fut III

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                            ev - continued nice running weather, sweet. I also like the occasional IPA, don't drink much beer anymore, but when I do I like those bold-flavored varieties.


                            Stumpy -WOW!! You pulled the trigger!! I was wondering when you were going to go for it! What's your training plan? Sounds like you picked a nice event, the only concern with small events is there will be lots of lonely miles - some runners love that, others not so much. Looking at the event website it appears that the scenery will more than make up for anything else.


                            r2 - great story about your dad and his buddies. Agreed that when you hear the details of the stories, it's not only fascinating but harrowing. The stories of the POW camps in Japan...*shudder*. And people I know who were in VietNam have never really recovered, don't think they ever will.


                            Had a couple of strange days in terms of animal encounters. Three days ago, I swear I saw a mountain lion cross the running trail. Looked to be the size and color of a yellow lab, but moved like a cat. Slunk out of and back into the brush. I could be wrong, sure hope so. Then two says ago had a scary encounter with a couple of ranch dogs running at me (looked to be boxer-mixes), the gate to their property was open! One of them wasn't sure if he wanted to play or attack, it seemed, he was bouncing toward me with the body language of a dog that's playing, but also was barking and growling. I just stood my ground and yelled "NO!" at him then walked away slowly, repeating the stop-and-yell routine until he decided I was at a safe distance from his territory. I had pepper spray but they never got quite into range (it sprays about 6 ft). The other dog was more spooked by my yelling and stayed a safe distance. Anyway, it really shook me up, the next couple miles were a bit more up-tempo than normal!

                            Ex runner


                              Arla--nothing like spending a lot of money to focus yourself.  Actually pretty reasonable I think  for the marathon--$100 gets me a race, T-shirt, pasta dinner for me and and lobster dinner for DW.  The three nights in a B&B and other meals will be the steep part.  Have no idea how many will be running, but the good lodging is filling up quickly.  Seems a lot of folks are just staying Sat. night.  I suppose people who have done this before don't think much about leaving town immediatley for a long drive or flight, but I'm planning on relaxing a little after I finsih.


                              I'm going to use a modified Higdon.  I can get some decent milage doing mostly 4 days a week.  I hit 10 miles today for the fisrt time in a couple of years.  The half in March will be basically a supported long run.  I'll have 2-1/2 months to get in the rest.


                              Of course, my first thought was "Can I add 16.1 to this and survive?"


                              A mountain lion would make me a little (Greatly) nervous.  But loose dogs are porbbly more likely to be dangerous.  Glad you were properly intimidating.

                              I think I need a race..............................................


                                 We had some excitement as a coyote came out from near the calf  feed bunks near the neighbors house. .


                                "Lonesome coyote, sing me a song.

                                Tell me where I went wrong.

                                Teach me to howl at the moon like you do...

                                Looks like I'm gonna be an old lonesome coyote too."


                                Lyrics by a good friend of mine TZ Wright.


                                5 spot for me this afternoon.


                                Nice miles Jim.

                                Great story about your father. Thanks for sharing that.


                                Marathon plans for the stumpster.  Nice...and making it a romantic mini vacation...very nice!


                                LMD had to holler at me just now and say, " He's running it all the way back for a touchdown!"   I got to see it on instant replay.


                                I digress....Arla carefull around the animals.  I've been lucky and haven't encountered any dogs lately.  An occasional squirrel will scare the carp out of me now and then......



                                Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM