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What percentage of your miles are trails? (Read 160 times)

    I'm just curious. I know I try to run trails all the time, but weekdays I sometimes won't have time to get to a trailhead so I run from home. SO, I would estimate, miles-wise about 10% are on roads. And I do almost all my long runs on trails. Rarely do anything over 5 miles on road nowadays.
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      Most weeks I estimate that I run about 1/3 of my miles on trails. That can vary from 0% to 60% though.

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        If I count only dirt 40-50%. if I consider beach workouts then 80% of my running time.
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          At least 95% of my miles are on trails, closer to 100% most weeks...


            Once the trails are clear then I think about 80% of my runs are on trails with the rest being mostly dirt roads and a little pavement to get to the dirt roads. Spring is coming.... Kelly
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              Unfortunately I can only run trails on the weekend. It varies from 20-50%
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                Only able to run trails on weekends, but Saturday is my long run day with only two days in the middle of the week devoted to running. So maybe 50/50 when all is said and done?? Confused

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