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International Barefoot Running Day (May 5th, 2013) (Read 20 times)

    May 5th is international barefoot running day. There are a number of races around the world where folks are congregating to run together.


    Check out for a listing.


    I'll be in Ann Arbor, MI running in the burns park run, albeit not quite barefoot. This is a great opportunity for folks to meet likeminded individuals I think. If you are going to the Ann Arbor race, please send me a message and I'll be sure to say hello!

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      Thanks for posting that.  Maybe I'll be able to make one of the Georgia locations (from N. Fa.).  Had to miss the one held in my hometown last year. Sad

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        It's Marathon Day for me.  Not doing it BF; in VFFs.


        Happy Cinco de Mayo!

        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

          I think it's the spirit of the day, more than the actual footwear (or lack thereof) that is important. Good luck on your VFF marathon!

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            I got rained out from doing any (solo) running on IBRD.  At least I ran the day before and the day after.  Hope everyone else had better weather and had the opportunity to run with a barefoot/minimalist group.


              Bummer on the rain. Here in Ann Arbor, we had a beautiful sunny day with large turn out of folks running a 5k and 10k barefoot, or with very little footwear.

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