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Spam, or Memory Loss? (Read 121 times)

    In the past few days I've gotten a couple emails from I don't know who this is, do any of you? They seem to be links that I don't dare click on, and they just generally have that dangerous spammy look about them. Anybody know anything? In the meantime, I'm not opening them.

    L Train

      I haven't gotten the emails but that's Tom Roldan. Sounds like someone else using that address though because I can't see him sending links without text. I wouldn't open them.


        Got this in my email today, also seems quite spammy. Slightly different than previous as it seemed to just be an email from Tom, but... 




         Hope you and your family are in good health.Could you please help me if  you can? I had a visit to (Spain) for a program, but unfortunately i was mugged at the park of the hotel where i lodged , all cash, credit card  and cell were stolen off me.Thank God i still have my passport with  me... I am so confused right now and I've been to the embassy and the  Police here but they're not helping issues at all Please can you lend me (2,450 USD ) so i can clear my bills and return home.As soon as I get  home I would refund it immediately.Tell me if you can help.I'm freaked  out at the moment.

        Hope to hear from you soon
        Best Regards

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        L Train

          I got it too (it seemed to be addressed to all of us).  I actually responded since it came from his address, but the response was something like "I assume this was not really you".