Circle North who goes to the dump in private


03022014 Run
15.23 mi. Added by cparunner (2/24/2014)
8Miler - Y-Beaver-Littlefield-Gowen-Y
13.08 km. Added by Dave T. (4/12/2009)
Great Hills for first 4.6 miles, then 3.5 mile flat to finish.
Biddeford YMCA 18.2
30.98 km. Added by Dave T. (3/23/2009)
YMCA 18 Miler. Note map reads 19.2... that was the extra walking around the lot! Actual GPS reading was 18.2
Eric-Gwen Group Run
14.5 mi. Added by Egad (1/6/2015)
Gadbois 2015 Group Run
11.3 mi. Added by Egad (1/5/2015)
Kennebunk Rd 11
11 mi. Added by Egad (2/4/2015)
Out and back
Kennebunk Rd. 15
15.3 mi. Added by Egad (2/4/2015)
Laurie's Loop - York
14.5 km. Added by Dave T. (3/21/2009)
Out and back from Lauries along York Beach
Midwinter 10 Miler - Cape Elizabeth
16.16 km. Added by Dave T. (3/21/2009)
Randall's Dead End - Y-Stanley-Cemetary-Littlefield
12.49 km. Added by Dave T. (3/24/2009)
Mile three Randall leads us into the Vet Cemetary under construction - dirt road and mud. Ran out of road - dead end and doubled back. Group split here with some continuing around Littlefield Loop others returning back to Y.
Webber's Run
19.37 km. Added by Dave T. (3/21/2009)
Run from Johnny's House through Alfred Mills and back. Wicked cold day, but great food!
Winter Dump Loop Backwards
9.06 km. Added by Dave T. (3/24/2009)
Circle North - Winter Dump Loop - Backwards
Y-Dump-Springvale Add-on
12.39 km. Added by Dave T. (4/2/2009)
YMCA to DUMP with Springvale Add-on