Marathoner Dailies


Daily Runner - 2/15/13 (Read 13 times)



    PressingOn - 02/16 - Woolley Trail Run Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 02/17 - A1A Marathon

    CompetitiveChik - 2/17 - Austin Half Marathon

    Runnrchic - 02/24 - New Orleans Marathon - Goal: break 4:34

    GregTR - 2/24 - Cowtown Marathon - Official 3:10 pacer



    Patti678 - 3/2- Albany Marathon, Albany GA

    CompetitiveChik - 3/2 - Woodlands Marathon

    JodisRunningForAutism - 3/3 - Seaside Half Marathon Destin, FL

    not too swift - 3/3 - Intown Ten (10K) Road Race

    PressingOn - 3/3 - Redmond Watershed Trail Run

    Docket_Rocket - 03/09 - 13.1 Miami Beach

    Julia1971 - 3/16 - Rock n Roll USA

    ImNotScott - 3/16 - Rock n Roll USA

    SIAR - 3/16 Hermes 5 miler

    jojo61397 - 3/17 - Publix Atlanta Marathon - Goal: Sub-4:00 hour

    Patti678 - 3/17 Publix Half Marathon, Atlanta GA

    Not too Swift - 3/17- Georgia Marathon

    athensguy - 3/17- Georgia Marathon

    RVDowning - 3/17 - Shamrock Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 3/17 - LA Marathon

    Joe1775 - 3/23 - Haulin' in the Holler 50K

    Docket_Rocket - 3/23 - Palm 100 50K

    JenRosie - 3/24 Irish Run 8K

    onemile - 3/30 - Egg Shell Shuffle Half Marathon

    PressingOn - 3/30 - Cupcake Run Marathon



    Docket_Rocket - 04/07 - Marathon Paris

    runnrchic- 04/07- Gulf Coast HM, Pensacola

    joe1775 - 4/13  - Glacier Ridge Trail Ultra 50

    Docket_Rocket - 04/14 - Key Biscayne Half Marathon

    marco59 - 4/15 - Boston - goal: 3:05

    markrice - 4/15 Boston - goal sub 3:15

    GregTR - 4/15 - Boston

    JenRosie - 4/15 - Boston

    onemile - 04/20 - Carmel Marathon

    Xrayman: 4/21: Lansing Marathon

    GregTR - 4/21 - London Marathon

    SIAR - 4/28 - Glass City Marathon

    GoneFishing - 04/28 - Big Sur, CA



    hilltopper91 - 05/05 - Broad Street Run

    jackdyl11 - 5/5 - New Jersey Marathon

    Joe1775 - 5/5 - Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati OH

    Docket_Rocket - 05/07 - Puerto Rico Marathon

    Patti678 - 5/11 - Gulf Coast Half Ironman, Panama City Beach, FL

    RVDowning - 5/11Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon

    SprinklesRunner - 5/19-Run for the Red Marathon

    runmomto3boys - 05/20 - Green Bay Marathon



    Docket_Rocket - 06/13/2012 - San Francisco Marathon



    Patti678- 7/4- Peachtree Road Race 10K: goal: PR



    Patti678- 8/23 & 24- Hood to Coast- 199 mile relay with 10 person team



    SprinklesRunner - Date TBD - Wineglass Marathon

    GregTR - 9/29 - Berlin Marathon



    runmomto3boys - 10/6 Lakefront Marathon

    GregTR - 10/13 - Chicago Marathon



    SprinklesRunner - 11/3 - NYC Marathon

    GregTR - 11/3 - NYC Marathon

    runmomto3boys - 11/24 - Route 66 Marathon

    Be proud, but never satisfied. - Unknown.


      Whoa!  I can't believe no one's up yet.


      I had a great night's sleep.  I was soooo tired.  Recovery run on tap for me today.  The weather this weekend continues to look not good.  It'll be cold with the possibility of flurries each day which makes me think it's going to be icy.  It's looking less and less likely that I'll race on Sunday.  Which means, I may do a long run tomorrow instead of another recovery.  I'll see how things look tomorrow morning.


      I took this picture during my run yesterday.  It wasn't Valentine's themed so I didn't post it.  But, a pretty picture of the Capitol from afar:


      Pressing, Those meals sound good.  I always forget about sweet potatoes being rich in carbs.  And, I hope it's just the sniffles and not a cold.


      Marco, Nice mileage yesterday.


      Swift, Grrr!  I hate those days when everyone discovers the trails.  9 miles @ MP is still pretty good.  Hope you get some rest today.


      SIAR, There is usually a point in marathon training when I have a complete mental break down and end up sobbing uncontrollably due to fatigue and boredom.  I thought that was going to be Wednesday when I forgot my key.  I was frustrated but didn't melt down.  So, maybe I'll hit that point next week?  I'm leaning towards skipping the race, but I'll see if the forecast changes tomorrow.  Hope you made a dent in that cake.  I had one slice of pie.  It was so sweet I can't imagine I'll finish most of it.  Maybe I'll take it in to work today.

      Be proud, but never satisfied. - Unknown.

      Brains aint me forte

        Good morning! I had 7 miles on my calendar for today but I decided to switch things up a bit. The weather for the weekend looks lousy so I'm cutting out of work a couple hours early and doing my long run (17) this afternoon.  I'm headed out of town Saturday morning for a soccer tournament in Virginia that my ds is in. I was going to get in my long run early Saturday but I think this will work out better. I can run long today and get in a recovery run tomorrow afternoon.


        Julia - Nice picture! Enjoy your recovery run today!


        From yesterday...


        Marco - It's good that you've been able to keep up with your running even while so busy at work. 16 is a good day!


        Pressing - I hope your cold just turns out to be taper madness/paranoia. Fingers crossed for you on that. You made a good point about getting pulled over being a good lesson for your son not to be afraid of the police. Do you always find a way to see the bright side of things?


        NTS - 9 at MP is awesome, particularly at the end of a work day and dodging park goers. I hope you got some good sleep. :-)


        JenRosie - I hope the progression run was fun. Enjoy your three day weekend!


        SIAR - So you do take easy days! Good to know. It seems like you are always pulling doubles, speed work, hill work, etc... I think it's awesome that you bought your mom a Valentine's Day gift. I'm sure she is very proud of her boy and you seem like a really easy son to be proud of.


        CC - It's great that you are already back out running! I was almost killed in a car accident in 1989. I got a helicopter ride to shock trauma and all.  Like you, it was a close call and I recovered pretty quickly but it served as great reminder to me about how limited our time is.  In a way, I am almost grateful that I experienced what I did because of that reminder.  Maybe you feel a little bit like that too?

         "Address the process rather than the outcome.
        Then, the outcome becomes more likely." - Robert Fripp

        Finally PRed!!!



          Julia: I was up at that time (when you posted), got up early to run with BoMF--I just don't post before going, in the interest of getting there on time! Nice picture. Hope you have a good recovery run. Bummer about the weather, hope it is not as bad as predicted.


          Scott: Have a good LR and a nice trip to the soccer tournament. Glad you survived the car accident years ago, that is scary stuff!


          I ran just under 4 recovery miles this morning. I did end up getting some flowers this morning, as one of the BoMF alumni (he graduated before I started running with them) stopped by with flowers and candy.


          Hope everyone has a great day!

          PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:32:09

          Just B.S.

            Morning everyone!!

            Not sure what/if I will do today. My knee is telling me that it's not particularly happy with what I did yesterday

            between 4-7pm. Which was to run 7 miles, have a light dinner, head to the ctiy and then swim 2/3 of a mile.

            Last Saturday was my last day off so it's probably time.


            Tomorrow after 7:15 swim clinic I am meeting my Disney Princess travel companions for  run/brunch so today

            might just be a stretch/Pilates day.


            JULIA, so glad you had a good nights sleep! Raspberry pie!! OMG! I don't eat much in the way of sweets but a

            good fruit pie wouldn't last long in front of me! You have a very beautiful setting for your runs, that's for sure!! Keep

            sharing, I love your photos!


            PRESSING, maybe you are like me? I am always convinced I'm getting a cold in the days prior to a race!LOL

            Sounds like you have a busy Pre-race day, don't wear yourself out!!


            SIAR, you are such a wonderful son! Are you an only child? My boy is attending a big conference next weekend

            with his college program. He has to wear a suit so I sent him a really cool orange patterned tie in the mail

            for V-day!


            SCOTT, my FIL almost died in a car accident in 1989, when I was expecting our son, his first Grandchild. Hubby's

            Grandmother had just died a few days before and he was on his way to take his turn staying with her severely

            diabled adult son. He went off an icy road in the middle of the night and was in a coma for 3 weeks. I  was with my

            Dad when he died, had my SIL and several close friends die from cancer, had a cancer scare myself, lost many

            members of my family.  When I was pregnant with #1 son, one SIL lost her late term baby and the other had her

            baby die after 3 days. Then when I expecting son #2 , the SIL gave birth to a Down's baby just 2 weeks before I

            delivered a perfectly healthy baby.


            I came close to dying myself while on vacation in Florida, when I had to be rushed to hospital by ambulance

            because of a several shellfish allergy. Couldn't see or breathe because of swollen eyes and throat and they

            were pumping me full of adreneline (or something I wasn't really paying attention).


            I think because of all those experiences (and many more)  I'm pretty laid back about life and running in particular.

            I'm one of the few people I know running marathons who doesn't really care if I miss a run, or several runs or



            I love running and all that other stuff but it comes a distant second to family and friends.


            I'm awfully glad you are still with us.


            NTS, that was a nice surprise! Enjoy!


            JenRose! I have no idea how you do it all with young kids and a schedule like that!! Amazing.


            Have a good day everyone!! BBL!!

              Well, it was 32F this morning and is supposed to get up to 62F at peak this afternoon.  So, I'm thinking of doing my scheduled easy 6 (which I'll extend to 8) after work. There is just about enough daylight now for me to do the 8.  Another month and I'll be able to be back to 10 on Friday evenings.  Saturday and Sunday runs are gonna be in the cold this weekend.


              Definitely had a sore hamstring after yesterday's 12 miles (which included 8 @ MP).  Went to the chiropractor with whom I had already scheduled an appointment but she didn't see much of a problem and gave me no restrictions.  My next speed workout is set for next Tuesday and is the interesting 2wu+12(400@5kw200r)+2cd intervals.  I'm a bit wary of real fast stuff at the moment so I think I may skip the strides and pickups until after those intervals.


              Pressing: I've been using the Aussie Carbo Load method for several marathons.  I think it's done wonders for me.  I've taken an idea from this and actually now mix in a cup of Polycose with my water in my handheld that I carry during long runs/marathons.  I also drink a couple/three cups of Polycose in the couple of days before the marathon just to help spruce up the carbs.

              Bad Ass

                Morning!  A recovery run tonight.


                Spent most of the afternoon at the vet with Sammy who has an ulcer in her eye (one of my other cats must've scratched her).  I also watched a doggie die after being brought for being hit by a car.  Very sad.


                Did 6 miles only yesterday with 2 @ MP.  Although I almost had an attack, the paces were very promising.


                Have a nice day!

                Damaris, Marathon Maniac, Ultra Runner


                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                  shooting for 10, but only 9.1 completed.  It was still dark and there was ice in some places.  Almost hit the deck once, so slowed it way down.  58 days until Boston!  Don't want to be injured

                  fake it till you make it

                     58 days until Boston! 

                    And... I am now hyperventilating.  Just kidding. I'm not nervous, I'm excited! (Repeats to self in an effort to believe it).  But I did change my facebook cover photo to a pic of the Boston finish line since we are two months out today.  Glad you didn't take a spill out there Marco.


                    easy 6 for me later today, 18 on the schedule for tomorrow.  And lots of painting, we are getting our house ready to put on the market in a few weeks.  Can painting count as my cross training or core work?!


                    Julia  once again I am loving your on-the-run photo. Sorry to hear your race plans are in jeopardy.


                    Scott sounds like a good plan to get the long run in today. Soccer tourney sounds fun, but not sure I'd want to sit in a car, sit at the tourney, sit some more after a long run- I'd want to be moving around or napping instead!


                    Swift- flowers and candy? Nice!


                    JustBS- rest that knee!!  Although, something tells me you don't really ever rest- always on the go!


                    RVD 62 degrees?  You have no idea how jealous I am.


                    D-R A1A this weekend?

                    Bad Ass

                      Jen, yes!  Down here.  Only day in Winter.


                      marco, yay for Boston.

                      Damaris, Marathon Maniac, Ultra Runner


                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                      Just B.S.

                        Jen, Marco and Julia going to Boston!!! so exciting!!  These are for get you pumped up

                        not scared!LOL


                        Photography is one of my many other hobbies. I had a blast in 2010 when hubby ran and I was the

                        Team Photographer!! If you weren't nervous or excited  before this might get you there!LOL


                        That's the elites waiting for the start. That is how close I was to the start line. That Ryan Hall is skinny!



                        Our NB Boston 2010 runner crew at finish line the day before. See the lady in the black jacket with the bag

                        across her shoulders in the back row? This was only her 2nd marathon.  She was 14th women Overall in

                        at Boston 2012 last year and  finished  in 2:48. She is the one who only started marathons at age 40. That fall

                        she ran the Detroit Free Press Marathon and was the Female Winner..


                         My hubby is to her right with the red hat. He didn't run his first full until age 45 and PB is 3:23. Next to him is our

                        buddy James. He was 115th at the Miami ING Marathon a few weeks ago, slow one for him at 3:17.  Joe in on

                        the end crouching in front of James. He was 4th in his AG that year, missing by only 10 seconds with a 3:24.


                        For some reason we have a lot of fast older runners here. Too bad I'm not one of them!LOL




                        You might need to visit these before the race starts. 


                        Tired but happy.


                          Jen, Marco and Julia going to Boston!!! so exciting!! 


                          Just B.S., Nice pictures!  But, I'm actually not running Boston this year.  After last year, it might be a while before I return.  LOL!  Just kidding.  Maybe next year.  It was the best and worst running experience of my life.  Here's the race report I wrote at the time.


                          Jen and Marco, You're going to have a blast.  It's definitely not too early to get excited.


                          D_R, Sorry to hear about your vet trip.  Poor doggie.  I hate to see animals suffering.


                          RVD, Be careful with that hammie.  We want to get you to race day!


                          Swift, Enjoy the rest, flowers, and candy.


                          Scott, Yeah, it looks like we're in for some slippery conditions.  You're smart to get your long run in today.  I wish I'd thought of that.  Wink

                          Be proud, but never satisfied. - Unknown.


                          Go figure

                            Hey everyone.  Just a quick second to post here...I did 14.06 miles, including 5x3 minute hill repeats.  I'm absolutely exhausted.  Of course, when I looked at my rolling totals, I saw that I've run 103.9 miles in the last 7 days.  That may have something to do with it!  I'd like to hit 100 miles for this week, but after that I'm going to start being more reasonable with my mileage.  I don't see any real purpose or benefit for me to be that high, and I think I'll be much better served keeping it in the 80-90 range during non-cutback weeks.


                            Hope to catch up with you all this evening!  Don't forget to pass on the meat today for all you Lenten observers lol.

                            PRs:  Marathon (2:49xx; '13)  Half (1:25xx; '12) 10k (37:25; '14) 5mi (29:23; '13) 5k (17:27; '14)

                            Just B.S.

                              Oh Drat!! So sorry!! I honestly don't look at the race list much because I never post my own races

                              there!  LOL So if I did I would have noticed. I knew you were training for a marathon and just

                              assumed because you are super speedy that you were going back to Boston.


                              Last year was awful. Many of our friends in that photo did run last year but chose not to race

                              it and therefore some are not going back this year. 


                              Just B.S., Nice pictures!  But, I'm actually not running Boston this year.  After last year, it might be a while before I return.  LOL!  Just kidding.  Maybe next year.  It was the best and worst running experience of my life.  Here's the race report I wrote at the time.



                                Oh Drat!! So sorry!! I honestly don't look at the race list much because I never post my own races

                                there!  LOL So if I did I would have noticed. I knew you were training for a marathon and just

                                assumed because you are super speedy that you were going back to Boston.


                                Last year was awful. Many of our friends in that photo did run last year but chose not to race

                                it and therefore some are not going back this year. 


                                No worries.  It gave me an excuse to go back and read my race report.  Man, what a tough day.  I still think I deserve a lifetime BQ for that effort.  Smile ...  I didn't notice you weren't in the calendar.  Any events planned, though?

                                Be proud, but never satisfied. - Unknown.