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Daily Runner - 12/28/12 (Read 155 times)


Go figure, it was a later start for you. I agree, switching the schedule is mentally taxing. For me, the Hudson plan is the first where I've had a scheduled workout every day. I haven't done them in order, which has helped with flexibility (probably not ideal though). The TM wasn't too bad, but even with tv it feels like you're on it twice as long vs. outside.


    CC...hope you can get it done tonight! I did lots of cleaning today - not fun, but the result is pretty.


    SWIFT...howd the tempo go for you? Is your eye looking better.


    BETH...glad you got some more time with the kiddo. Don't those runs where you don't see people make you feel like a real trooper?


    MARCO...sounds like the conditions made your pace an equivalent effort. Funny about the WalMarters ha.


    SCOTT...enjoy the party. I've been doing the multiple Xmas stuff too. Tiring! Good job getting in what you could.


    DOCKET...sorry about the knee. Feel better.


    PRESSING...good luck getting back on your schedule. At least you can enjoy the time with your kids.

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    Bad Ass

      PO, not sure why they canceled.  The LRS took out their support and somebody ran away with my money!


      2 mile shakeout run and yoga.  Feel less sore from the weights now.  A bit less.

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      Just B.S.

        7.5 miles ended up being on the way home after leaving son at airport, hubby dropped me off on

        the way back. Flight finally went 11 hours late.


        Apparently there wasn't much going on in our town today after the storm. A photographer from the local paper

        in the city was out looking for someone doing something active outside in the snow, I may have been the only

        person he  saw because in those 7.5 miles I didn't see anyone else on foot the entire time. I was a little leery

        at first seeing some guy with a huge lens taking my photo from across the road!LOL


        So looks like a photo of me running is going to be in the Saturday paper........he must have been really

        desperate to go back to the office with something!


        SIAR, you are just so darn nice, I have a Mom crush on you. If you ever want a Mom on the other coast

        I am volunteering!Big grin

        Scott, hope your party went well. It took me 2 days to recover from hosting ours!LOL

        Pressing, bet you had fun with the kiddos! I miss that at age Christmas.


        Hope everyone had a good day!


        Go figure

          Thanks Beth! That's very sweet of you to say. You seem especially nice too, and any mom that makes her son's favorite dish immediately upon his arrival is a good one by me. I prefer Mexican to lasagna though, if it comes to that haha (although lasagna is awesome too). You'll have to find a way to post your paper picture for us to see after it runs.

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