Questions about Gasparilla 8K in Tampa Florida (Read 23 times)


Mother of Cats

    So, I was planning to run the Gasparilla 8K in Tampa, Florida next weekend.  I'm likely in shape to run mid-to-low 31Tight lippedx, which most years should place highly in that race on the women's side.


    The 8K has a seeded corral at the front, open to runners who have hit time standards.  For women, that's a 1:15 15K, a 50 minute 10K, or a 20 minute 5K  (and yes, I know those standards are bizarrely out of sync).  I'm under those time standards.


    I applied for the seeded corral when I entered, but was not placed in it.  I've contacted the race numerous times, providing my information, but no response.


    So my questions to anyone familiar with this race:


    1) If not officially in the seeded corral, how hard is it to sneak in?


    2) how big is that seeded corral - if I have to start behind it, how much will I be delayed?   I don't mind not being at the very front, but starting behind a lot of people slower than myself is going to handicap my race, especially for something as short as an 8K.


    3) any ideas on how to get officially added to that corral?

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