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  • Hartley Melvin Sanborn HS XC

    This is for HMS athletes looking to log and compare their mileage!

  • Phantom Fitness Center

    Track mileage for ADAB incentive program.

  • BCXC Boys

    BCXC Boys

  • The Sooper Sekrit Hideout

    Tired of cliquish bullshit? Bounced out of a cool kids' club? Never got in? We get it. Come and post here in a safe and supportive environment. Few rules, most center around being kind to others in the group and not giving up our position. Neurosis is fine, but toxic people are an absolute fucking no-no. Moles will be excised with liquid nitrogen and a scalpel.

  • Injury Prevention

    Hi everyone, I recently got new shoes and not sure if they just aren’t doing me well. I’m pretty flat footed and I run long distances usually. I keep getting blisters on my feet and went to Fit2Run to get some insoles so I didn’t need to get new shoes. However, my old blisters with insoles keep chaffing against each other so my blisters got even larger. Is there anyway to prevent this?

  • Catawba Ridge High School XC

    This is a group for Catawba Ridge High School Cross Country Runners. Only members of the team can join this group.

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