Frequently Asked Questions

Training Log


1. How do I change the colors of the run types?

Different colors help you discern each run type when you create graphs. The training log has a default color scheme. If you wish to change the colors to be something that makes more sense to you. To change your colors:

  1. Click on Options (upper right hand corner).
  2. Click on Manage My Actitivites.
  3. Click on Run under "My Activities".
  4. Click on the color square next to each run type to bring up the color picker.
  5. Select the desired color.
  6. Click Save.

2. How do I change my time zone?

By default, time is set to Greenwich Mean Time. Unless you live there, your time of days will be wrong. Most of the time, you won't notice this, except when you enter your runs and the date is occasionally set one day ahead, or the forum times seem to be way offset. Once you set your time zone, then everything will be displayed correctly. Here's how to do it:

  1. Click on Options (upper right hand corner).
  2. Click on Locale Settings
  3. Change "Time offset" to your time zone
  4. Click "Update"

3. Why is the log icon visible in my forum post even though my log is private?

The log icon provides a quick link to your log so forum users can see your training when responding to your questions or comments. It is visible to the people that have access to your log. Since you own your log, you will always have access to it and therefore the log icon will always be visible to you.

4. Workout uploaded from Garmin Forerunner does not contain a corresponding map

Answer provided by Dirk:

A forerunner has limited memory so after a while it starts deleting detail info from older activities. When it does, depends on the length of the activities and the type of recording. The lap data will be remained on the watch. I believe up to 1000 laps.

5. How do I create new workout types or run types?

Everyone has a different set of workouts, and it is impossible to list all the workouts while making the log easy to use. The training log has a small set of common workouts. You can create additional workout (for example: "walking", "yoga", kickboxing") or run types. In other words, you can customize your log. Here's how you can add new types:

  1. Click on Options (upper right hand corner).
  2. Click on Manage My Activities.
  3. Click on New Activity.
  4. If appropriate, check off the box for "Most of my workouts are of this activity."
  5. Select your preferred color for this activity from the Color drop down color picker.
  6. If appropriate, check off the box for 'Create a "Race" type for this activity"
  7. Click Save when you are done.

6. How do I change my default unit system?

Runners from all over the world use every day to keep track of their training. The log might not be configured to display your data in the correct units. Follow these steps to change it:

  1. Click on Options (upper right hand corner).
  2. Click on Locale Settings
  3. Change "Default unit system" to either metric or English
  4. Click Update

7. Stretching

8. I'm having trouble using the mapping tool.

As cool as the mapping tool is, it is also quite complicated. To add to the complexity, different web browsers have slightly different behaviors. The mapping tool is tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It has many known issues with MacOS Safari but they will not be fixed for now because I don't have a Mac. Safari users are strongly encouraged to use Firefox instead.

9. How do I create an elevation profile?

The mapping tool has a toolbar located directly above the map. When you hover the cursor over these buttons, you'll get a tooltip describing the button's purpose. When you click on the elevation button () you'll enable elevation. As you plot your route, the elevation profile will be generated for you automatically. Clicking on the button again will disable elevation.