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    Hey guys, Josh here. New to the forums, didn't know how best to ask this, didn't want to break ToS or anything either.


    We're a new company and we create custom insoles for running and athletics. We're looking to get some market research and give some of these things away.


    Before I post instructions, or links, is this cool to do on these forums? Keep in mind, the products are custom inserts for your current shoes, and they are designed for running. It works like this:


    We ship the customer a foam impression box, they use the instructions and stand in each side, and mail that back to us(we pay shipping both ways). Once we get it here, we use a laser scanner and CAD program to examine the foot and create the insole on the computer. Once its created, the computer sends those details over to a huge milling machine that cuts the part(s) out. In this case, with multi-density insoles, we usually have 3 parts. We then glue, and pre-compress the insole, sand it down, cover it, and ship it back to the customer.


    We've gotten really good at adjusting arch support. Too much and we would get blisters on runners, not enough and its basically an OTC job. Same deal with met support.


    Product helps with runners knee, over-pronation, and we're developing a special sku for plantar fasciitis.


    Interestingly, we also get you to trace your shoe's factory insole, so the insoles you get fit your shoe without you having to take scissors to it.


    Anyway, I didn't even link the page here, just in case this isn't ok to do. However, if it is, we'd definitely like to use another thread to give away this product, and see it in real world application. The site isn't launched yet, but it is online and capable of having orders ran through it. I'd like members to come back to the thread and post how the insoles performed. Even bad reviews will help us. Actually, ESPECIALLY bad reviews will help us.


    We're confident in our product, we have spent untold amounts getting to this point and now we need some professional and amateur athletes to get the final details down. @ forum mods, are we ok to go on this, under the assumption that the giveaways will be free? I'd like to post a discount code that can be used to get 1 pair of free insoles and free shipping, which would include the foam box, instructions, tracing diagram, and insoles themselves.


    The cost on these items from our competitors is quite high, so its a good chance for people to try these out on the free.


    Anyway, I'll be checking back on this thread to see what's up. I've been working in the  medical industry for about 10 years, and we employ 7 full time pedorthists. We've made diabetic insoles for 11 years, and have done well over 100,000 pair, as a fully accredited company.


    Let me know.

      Hi JoshFootMindBody,

      Thank you for asking first.  Feel free to make start one new thread advertising your company's product.


      eric Smile

      Andy X

        Sounds like a great idea Josh, I'd love a pair if you ship to the UK! Smile