Request for cross training log features. Please read! (Read 1181 times)

    Hi everyone! I started working on adding cross training, and thought I would get some input from you to decide how it should work. Specifically, what do you intend to use the cross training for (i.e. biking, swimming, etc)? And what kind of data are you interested in tracking? What other features do you currently need or want? Your feedbacks will have a tremendous impact on the usability of the log. They will also reduce future work for me since I will spend less time adding new sports or data fields. You can either post your comments here, or send them to me directly via the feedback form. Either way, your help will be greatly appreciated! eric Smile

      My cross training consists of spinning, elliptical and sometimes walking. I don't need distance for spinning but usually do for the elliptical and walking. It would be nice to have this not be calculated in with the running distances, but if you could track it as cross training separately that would be wonderful. That way the weekly/monthly run distances would be more accurate. Thanks. Cool

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        Bike/Swim/Aqua Jog/Maybe lifting are the ones that I'm most interested in tracking. I really only care about the distance I run... time is the most important factor for me for cross training because a lot of the time I don't know how far I go... I just do it for a set amount of time. If I were you I would just add a check mark on a certain day for lifting, and then allow people to input the amount of time they spent doing other sorts of cross training, with a distance option, but not a necessity. Calculating pace isn't that important either, just time really for cross training, or at least for me personally. Thanks so much, you're really doing a great job!
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          I would second the bike/swim cross training...those seem to be pretty popular x training
            I'll third the biking and swimming. It would be nice if you could record just time and not have to tie it to distance. I realize you need the distance and time to calculate pace, but if this could be optional, it would be nice, even if it didn't count toward yearly totals. Just my $0.02.
              For cross training, I'm leaning toward having all the fields to be optional, because the focus of this site will always be running. For now, I like to keep the requirement of distance and time for running. I know it sounds unreasonable from a user's standpoint, but I'm assuming that you're here because you find the graphs are worth the extra annoyance. Without the distance and time, it's hard to generate them. For example, if a run is missing the distance, should it be omitted from the graph, or have an arbitrary distance? If I figure out how to represent missing data, I'll be more than happy to take off this requirement. For the few of you that gave your thoughts, thank you! I'm planning to add entry pages for biking, swimming and weight lifting, as well as user definable pages so you can record other types of workouts. This is a very big task, and I'm estimating that it might take 2 months or longer to complete, so please be patient with me. There are a lot of other features that I want to get to, like allowing you to include a course map using the Google Map that's ever so popular right now. I can add that in a weekend or two, but felt that more of you will benefit from having cross training first. eric Smile