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    I have no arch and pronate. The last couple of years I've been running in Saucony Stabil MCs and Brooks Beasts - two of the heaviest shoes around. I also wear size 14. Trying to BQ in April (age 49, PR 3:38:54) and I want to help myself out by possibly running in a lighter shoe. Any ideas on a shoe that's around 10 oz that will optimize my chances to BQ?
    Nate Grant

      get lighter shoes?
        This is three weeks later, but try the Saucony Tangent. It's a light shoe with some stability. I train in the Tangent and race in the Fastwitch. It's a fairly broad fit, which you'll appreciate if you're in the Stabil and Ariel. Many lighter shoes are quite narrow, like the Asics DS Trainer. The Brooks Axiom is another one you'll want to try. I've tried it on but haven't run a thousand miles in it like I have in the Tangent. Mizuno has the Elixir in the category of light trainers with stability, though it fits narrower than the Axiom or Tangent. You'll want to be sure that you can run in them for up to the 3:30:59 that your BQ will take. Being ready to run a race in them means doing at least one long run in them and running at least 8-10 miles at race pace in those shoes a few times.
          Hey Kennyb I have no ideas on the shoes, but several regarding your username. Kennyb Kennyd Imagine all the problems this will cause, especially for the dislexic among us. Anyways, nice to meet ya, good luck with the shoes. Oh, wait. I do have some ideas. Consider buying shoes on the motion control/stability criterea. Then control the arch problem with some inserts.(I hear superfeat have outstanding arch support.) You may be limmiting your options by trying to take care of both issues together. Good luck Kenny