Additional columns for swimming/biking distance/times on reports page of groups (Read 647 times)


    One of the groups within RunningAHEAD I belong to is comprised mostly of runners, but we do have some multi-sport athletes already in the group who'd love to see additional columns within the reports page to show their non-running workouts.


    I really, really love the reports page - the competitiveness it's introduced in our group has inspired me to up my miles significantly this year!


      That page is long for an over haul.  What else would you like to see there?


        Columns for distance/time of swims & bike workouts would be great!


        Other than that, user configurable toggling of the display of times for the workouts & perhaps average paces are the only two things I can think of for the page.




        Biking Mike

          Hi Eric! I'm trying to do the same thing mr-fish is doing and am wondering if there has been any progress on adding different activities to the report pages for user groups.  I've been poking around for a while trying to figure it out, but haven't been able to.

          Thanks a lot for any help.


          A.K.A. Running Mike

            Biking Mike,

            This is still on my list of todos.  I think I'll lump it in with the workout editor redesign project.


            eric Smile