MHR field (Read 745 times)

    this site is great! - I looked at about 10 different online running logs - and this was came out on top. Anyway - it would be nice to have a field for MHR (Maximum Heart Rate) - either globally (on the whole user profile) - or per run type. So that when you enter your min/avg/max heart rate during a workout - it can calc and display the percentage of MHR (eg: my MHR is 180 - during my last run - max was 160 - this is about 89%) (yea - Im a little out of shape) cheers - Julian
      Hi Julian, You're right. It would be useful to have a MHR field some place, probably in your profile. I'll have to think about where to put it. Maybe I should create a new options page and name it "Health Stats" or something to track this stuff. I'll add this to my list of things to do. eric Smile
        sounds great! your site really kicks ass Eric - I just set my sister up on it. The publish page feature is neat too - and I the ability to work out a route before running it - in Google Maps is damn handy. Julian