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    Well, I guess it depends what you do when you work out (e.g., if you do a lot of leg stuff). Last Friday I took a rest day from running. I did a half hour on the recumbent bike and walked a half hou,r with some serious hills, on the treadmill. My legs were a little sore the next day for my long run, so it didn't turn out to be much of a rest day.

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      So long as you're not trying to do a whole lot of leg work after a hard or intense run, you should be fine. Otherwise, how would a triathlete possibly get all the training in necessary to complete a 2 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a full marathon?
      That's a very good point. My weight workouts are generally a little bit of everything...legs, arms, back, abs. So far I haven't found that my legs feel too painful the next day...I'm careful to not overdo it (mostly lower weight with higher reps). I'd definitely try to schedule easier days immediately before and after my longest run of the week, too. k

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        For me, a rest day means taking a rest from running but not from physical activity/training. On my rest days, I'll usually do an upper body smoke session or combatives. Mike
          I have one day a week when I have nothing schedualed. Doesn't mean though that I do not do anything.
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