New Shoes for a New Racer (Read 53 times)


    I recently joined this great group, called Team Fight, that participates in different races to support young adults facing cancer. A bunch of us are racing the New York City Marathon with Team Fight in November, and I cannot wait!


    I got some sweet gear and training plans from them, but I am looking for some opinions on which running shoes to get. I only just became interested in racing and long-distance running, so I never really thought much about which shoes were best (I usually just chose the prettiest ones). But now since I have been training more heavily, I feel like it's time to get a good pair. Can anyone give me some suggestions?





    P.S.- Let me know if you're interested in joining Team Fight! I would love to tell you more!



      Awesome cause that you are running for.


      As for suggesting the 'proper' running shoe - that's tough.  You really should go to a specialty running store and have them analyze your gait.  You'll need to know if you need a stability shoe or neutral shoe.


      In addition, since you are just starting out - I would suggest staying away from anything that is 4mm heel to toe drop or lower.  That means no minimalist type shoes or shoes like the Kinvara.  I'm sure someone at your local running store would be more than happy to help Smile