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    my Current Streak Days:6 / Distance:72.6 km

    my Longest Streak Days:7/ Distance:63.8 km


    so tomorrow, provided i run any distance, my 7 days streak will be updated . great.

    and if i run also the day after, I'll have a new longest streak of 8 days. cool.


    what I would like to see if  the full list of "longest distance" for 1 day ( which in my case will be also 72km Smile ),

    2 days, 3 days, ... 7 days and 8 days.


    and the day i reach 9 days, then see that as well.


    what would be the limit ? not sure . 

    i guess with 1 day increment up to 15 days, then 30 days . 45 days  by 15 days increment. 

    of course the exact Longest streak would be written too . so 1....15 , 30 , the 34 is that's the longest .


    not sure if that would be of interest to anyone else ?



      Seems like a lot of data,and that list could get pretty long - especially for those of us with much longer streaks.  I'm currently at about 1800 days so even at 15 day intervals that list would be 120 lines long.


      I like how Eric has the last 7 days and last 30 days.  I probably woulndt mind see the highest 7 day total and highest 30 day total but any other increments than a week and a month I dont think would be useful.

        Hi Jeff,


        I guess you are right. To avoid the 120 lines, it could have been  a "geometric progression". 

        with days 1 .... 15 , then 30 , 45 , 60, 90,  6 months, 1y  , but if this is not of interest to the LongStreakGang

        runners like you, it's ok : i don't think i will ever run more than 15 days in a row, so we can skip anything above 30 days.


        Still, I'd be interested by the 1,2,3....15  days longest distancesSmile


        I suppose this would be of interest for pple doing multi-stage trail runs, races like MDS/ RunThePlanet  ?