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    I am new to the site. In fact I just joined today (1/26/05). However, I am having a problem adding a new running entry. Since i am new to the site, I did not know if there is something that i am doing incorrectly (which is probably the case) or if the site is having a problem with this particular area. Any feedback or advice would be great. Thanks so much havetodothis
      havetodothis, What kind of problem are you having? What do you see when you click on the new run entry button on the toolbar? Which web browser are you using? Are you using Windows, MacOS, or Linux? Could you give me step by step instructions on how to reproduce your problem? eric Smile

        I can fill out all my info but when i go to save my workout/ running log it will not save. I am using windows.
          havetodothis, I think the problem could be that you entered your data in the wrong format. The field with the wrong format would have a red "*" to the right. Here are some things that the form doesn't like: distance should be something like: 3.1 or 0.9 and not: 3. or .9 duration should be: 0:24 and not 24 If that still doesn't work, can you show me the values you're trying to enter here so I can see what you're doing wrong? Thanks! eric Smile