Status update Jun 13, 2008 (Read 2632 times)

eric :)

    Hi folks, Some of you may notice a little performance problem with the server today. Every time you didn't get the page that you wanted due to an unexpected error or it took too long, I get an email. I've been getting a stream of emails today which is abnormal since I usually get one or two such emails a day. I think the problem could be caused by the Google bot indexing some CPU intensive pages simultaneously. There's nothing much I can do about that other than shutting it out. I restarted the web server and database just now to clear any junk that may have built up, which tends to improve the server's performance. I'll monitor the server throughout the day and see if I can make any adjustments to make things run smoother. If you have any questions, drop me a note. eric :-)

    Misinformation Officer

      Thanks for such attention to your fabulous FREE site, Eric!
        It seems to barely work today -- is it another performance problem? I mean, it works, but every page seems to take forever to load, so I go out and browse other places on the internet in the meantime while I'm waiting -- and other places seem to work ok?
          Hey, it just started working again! Yay!
          eric :)

            Traffic has been abnormally high today. To make matters worse, many of the requests are for the CPU intensive pages which blocked all the other page requests. This seems to happen sporadically and I haven't determined the root cause. I restarted the database, which somehow calmed everything down for the moment. I'm looking into replacing the current server with something more powerful. eric :-) MTA: I'll try to do some maintennance on the server this weekend to see if I can patch it up temporarily.

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              Eric : ) plans to buy another server. With HIS OWN money. To support a site from which WE profit. Notice the subtle PayPal link scattered around this site? Like on the homepage? Yeah, that one. This would be a good time to click it and send Eric a little donation to continue to serve up this great site. You know, to support OUR habit. That is all.


                Good call Trent I've just donated, this site is cheaper per hour than a whore, is more fun and you stand less chance of catching a STD so all in all good value. Thanks for all the fun Eric.

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                  Ditto. What Trent said.