CoolRunning convert looking to clean up activities list (Read 372 times)


    Is there a way to merge workout activities together? I came over from CoolRunning and have double activities for both Bike and Swim. And then some other activities I would just like to get rid of. In 2008 I started using the RA add new event (Bike or Swim), to be good going forward. But all my 2007 & 2006 entries for anything were done in the CR format, which got converted over into separate categories with the same name, but have a few log fields that are different and are listed as Workout types: Default. No other options like Easy, Tempo, Interval, Hill etc. And do not get tabulated the same. One question is For instance if I click on the Activity ‘Sick’, workout type ‘Default’, then try and delete it, it brings up a message - are you sure you want to delete this workout type? Would this get rid of all my ‘default’ CR entries? Or just the ‘Sick’ default entries? 2nd Question: Other than re-entering the individual logs, can I merge 'Swim2' with the RA type 'Swim' entries? Last: Which goes with part of another thread - Can no longer edit list of workouts - how do I delete those old unused activities? Thanks alot Eric.