Tell me about your Dongle: Garmin 310 & Ipad connectivity (Read 98 times)


    I'll be traveling this summer and instead of taking my laptop, I plan to take an iPad.  Since i'll be gone for 3+ weeks and running throughout, I'd like to upload my garmin runs directly, if I can, to the iPad then to RA. Do you know if  there's an App for that?

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      I have the Wahoo Fitness APP, and requires the dongle attachment

      It works fine but does not down load directly to Running Ahead as far as I know. It will transfer the workout to Garmin connect fine though.


        I guess i'm confused by the whole thing...correct me if i'm wrong: you plug the wahoo dongle into your iPhone/pad and it acts as an ANT stick and uploads to garmin connect..


        Isn't that how stuff is uploaded to RA currently (from garmin connect?) or is from the ANT stick?  I don't  remember how I got RA connected to my Garmin in the first place and would it be that different to an iPad/phone?


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          I do the same thing as PP, but with my 610 and the Wahoo dongle. I can get my watch to upload to my iPad via the Wahoo App and then transfer to Garmin Connect but I can't get it then to go to RA. I gave up trying eventually. It says it is a .fit file but since it can't search my "computer/device" for the file, it won't transfer and I couldn't get it to go to GC and then transfer to RA.

          I hope somebody smarter than I am can tell you how, because I can't figure it out myself.

          So far, just having it on the Wahoo app's history, along with GC has been fine. I do have a third party app called "Garmin Stats" that does a super cool job of comparing activities better and give you graphs and charts, like a regular log on here has.


            Maybe this would be a better question for Eric...I'll going to repost to tech issues forum and see what he says...thanks for the response!