It's My Runnerversary August 22, 2007, How long have you guys been at this. (Read 122 times)


pie man

    February ‘83


    it was a fun run associated with a longer race.  I mostly did 50 yard dashes after that as those were the events for folks under 5.

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      I don't have an exact date. Couch potato all my life - fat kid in school and hated gym. About 5 years after cancer treatment (47) I started realizing I might just not die of this thing so started Couch to 5K, signed up for a 5k race and I haven't stopped since unless side-lined by over-use injuries.


      Even though I have had a 2nd cancer diagnosis, I accredit my survival (20 years since diagnosis in Nov '19) to running. Plus my otherwise good health and all the wonderful people I have met.


      Plan to keep on going as long as I can.

      Suffering Benefiting from mature onset exercise addiction and low aerobic endorphin release threshold. Hoping there is no cure.