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    Okay. I am back to say it got a little better today. I ran for 28 minutes today. 3.11 miles at a 9.01 minute pace. I wasn't trying to go fast. I started off slow but about 10 minutes in to the run I was definitely running a little faster than normal. I kept it up for a short while but then had to really focus to keep running slower. Admittedly by the end of the run I was tired. Though I did fill like I wanted to keep going. I did stop though knowing that I had run faster and further than I have yet. I decided it was enough to try to prevent injuring myself. So I am really excited to see the 9 min mile. But am I running to fast? What pace should I be running at this point? I know it is subjective but should I maintain this if this is what is feeling natural or should I run slower? Thanks for any insight. Shawn PS. Can I also say that I hate been such a greenie. Some day I will know what I am doing. I thought you just put on shows, went out side and put one foot in front of the other. :-)
    Short term goal: 5K Long term goal: half marathon. Stay injury free. Shawn

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      Congrats! Smile If a 9 minute mile feels right, why not run it? Just don't let yourself get hurt. Maybe try to alternate between 9 minute mile pace and 10 minute mile pace day by day in the beginning and see how your body handles it.. afterall, we have to get uncomfortable to improve, the trick is, to not hurt yourself in doing so.