Upload from Garmin 210 (Read 40 times)

Lynn Sanetrik

    For the past month or so I have been having trouble uploading my runs from from my 210 directly into Running Ahead.  When I try to upload, it just says 'Searching for connected GPS device'.  I have been using this Garmin for at least a year and never had any problems.  I can still import into Garmin Connect, then export to a tcx file, then import to running ahead but I am getting tired of this extra step. This leads me to think it is not a computer problem recognizing the Garmin.

      Lynn S,

      I am not sure why GC can detect the 210 but RA can't, since both use the same software.  Did you install or upgrade any new software lately?  What OS and web browser are you using?


      eric Smile