Monthly View bug (Read 504 times)

    The summary of miles run on the right hand side includes days from the previous month at the top and days from the following month at the bottom. For instance in July I gained an extra five days in my mileage from June for the first week and six days from August in the last week. It would be nice to limit the actual mileage to the days of the month. I love this sight, thanks.
      corey, That is not a bug. It summarizes the activities for that week. eric Smile
        Fair enough, if your'e looking at a weekly view : ). When I look at a monthly view I tend to like to see what I ran for the month and would expect the total to be the days of the weeks for that month. If I wanted to look at weekly totals I would expect a weekly view such as in the summary. Of course that is me an not necessarily everyone or anyone else. Difference of view/opinion maybe than a bug.
          Although you're looking at the monthly calendar, the summary occurs for every week that's visible. It wouldn't make much sense (and someone else would argue that it's a bug) that the summary does not include the rest of the week that spans another month. The behavior cannot be a bug when it is by design. Perhaps it's a missing feature? Are you requesting it? Smile
            I understand your point. If I just use the summary page that shows me what I want, my weekly totals and my montly totals. So if nobody but me finds that to be distracting, then I can deal with it. Thanks corey

            gimme some sugar, baby

              you can see your monthly totals on the main summary page.... plus you can just run reports...
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