Ran my fastest(kinda slow) 5k since 2012! (Read 73 times)

    Haven't been running consistently since then, but did for a few years, stopped,  came back,


    sub 33 mins.


    I'm almost surprised I haven't improved more in less time, but I think I just need to keep up the consistency and not expect so much after 17 years comparing hs/college numbers.


    hope to run sub 30 this fall.


    would love to break my 25min pr? from back in the day, perhaps next season, but we'll see what happens.


    attained a new maximum heart rate in this race, 192! not sure how accurate chest straps are? but close enough I assume.


    race a pretty good race, average 173bpm then finished strong with the 192.


    tried to hold the reigns back at the beginning, was hoping for 9:40 pace to finish sub 30, but found myself running 8mins etc... I think for my next race, I'm going to start further back in the pack and really adhere to 940 pace from the start and try to maintain it.


    Signed up for an 8 miler in about 2 months, which will be my longest race ever to date, current long run is 4mi, but figure I can bump that up. Would've preferred a  10k, but time of year and local was 5k or 8M.


    Have a 1 miler in 10 days or so. Not expecting too many fireworks, but have wanted to race a 1 mile for a few years and figure I'm in ok shape.


    Also have a 3k in the future, which should be fun, plus when do you get to race a 3k road race?


    Then some more 5k's.


    Good luck to everyone!

    300m- 37 sec.

    Seattle prattle

      Good going!

      Yeah, jumping between 8 min per mile pace and a 9:40 per min pace is just too big a difference to be efficient, esp. at a shorter distance like the 5K. Good luck on your upcoming races and I am with you in believing that consistency is key.