Samara Bend Marathon (Read 38 times)

Dimitri Minaev

    This Sunday I ran my second marathon. The one-way course goes from the city of Zhigulevsk along Volga river to Shiryaevo. It was the 22nd Samara Bend Marathon. What is interesting about this race is that it goes through the national park. Note also the elevation profile, especially that steep descent, where you lose about 200 meters of altitude in 3.5 km.


    I hoped it would be a nice autumn weather -- golden leaves in the sun and all that, like it was on the photos made in 2008. Instead, during the start it was almost winter, with snow and temperatures around freezing point Smile. Later, though, after the descent, when we got to the river bank, the air grew warmer and the snow disappeared. The leaves were mostly green, but otherwise it was the race that I wanted to run so much -- with impressive views, lots of climbs and descents and with high-fiving children on  the roadside.


    We made lots of photos and even more were made by race organizers.


    My time was 3:44:04, more than sixteen minutes better than my last year marathon in Moscow. And even a half-marathon PR, when I started a bit too fast Smile -- 1:45:31.

      Congratulations!  Apparently you really stepped up your game since your first marathon.  Looks like a lovely, scenic run, too.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.