Dave Kuehls 4 Hour Marathon? Thoughts? (Read 2718 times)

    Okay, I have started running again. Tomorrow starts my training for a 5k at the end of June and then my second marathon will be in November. I used Hal Higdon's training plans for my half and full...and my full was 4:45:22...which is about 10:45 per mile. I just finished Dave Kuelhs 4 Hour Marathon book and, after finding out that Oprah ran a 4 hour marathon, I want to improve my time and this book's plan might help. Has anyone read it or used his training plan? I would welcome the input. Thanks!
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      So can you gives us a hint to what the secret is? Or do I just need to read the book? I am running in two weeks with a goal of under 4 hrs. DB

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        I thought Oprah ran a 4:29:20. There is a big difference! Good luck in your training. The only way really to know how you will do is to look at your results from races between now and November. Start with your 5k. That time will give a very very rough estimate of your marathon time. What marathon are you running?
          I should have googled her time. 4:30! That makes me feel slightly better as I did my first one in 4:41:22. Although...dag...Oprah beat me...not only does she have more money and fame...now she is faster. Dag! But, as opposed to the training plan I was using from Hal Higdon which involved Resting on Monday and Friday, Cross training on Sunday, short/medium runs on Tue-Thur, and the long run on Saturday... The book has a four hour marathon plan in 4 months which uses 3 phases: an 8 week endurance phase, a six week stamina phase, and a two week taper phase. In the endurance phase you run on Monday and Thursday, Cross Train on Tuesday and Friday, do 400 repeaters on Wednesday, long run on Saturday, and rest on Sunday. Additionally as it moves forward, he utilizes tempo runs, marathon pace runs, etc. I don't know if I am making this harder than it is. But, I DO want to get faster and as running is hard for me to stay at I am thinking that a new plan might hold my interest longer. My goal is to run the Raleigh Marathon on November 4th. They are bringing it back after a five year hiatus. I was going to run Richmond but I have been chose to work at a conference that week....so, no go. But Raleigh should be fun. So, anyway, thanks RA friends for your input.
          If you go as far as you can see, you will then see enough to go even farther. - John Wooden

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            I just did a 30k race yesterday. My goal was at least 2:48 but at the worst 3:00. I finished at 2:46 - a new pr for me. At this pace, 5:33 min/km avg, I would have been able to finish a marathon under 4:00 if my pace didn't slow way down and I had plenty of stamina for the last 12k. I don't have Dave Kuehls book, but have followed Hal's plan for my first marathon and it was too much mileage for me since I was a real beginner and didn't know how to train. Since my third marathon, I have been using Runner's World, smart coach HP. I use it to give myself an idea for weekly mileage, target pace times and to keep myself motivated and on some kind of schedule. It seems to work for me. I also look at McMillans to learn about lsd training and pre-race nutrition methods. If you look at other runner's training logs on this site, you can get a real good idea about what type of training you need to do to complete a sub-4 marathon. Anyway, my input is this. To successfully complete a sub-4 marathon, you need speed or tempo training, lsd and probably 1/3 or your weekly runs at mp, also more mileage per week . My goal is not just the time, but I want to run the race feeling good, enjoying the scenery and not be in excruciating pain at the finish line. One other recommendation is finding a group to run with once a week or month. Running with faster runners teaches you pace, form and you learn alot from just observing. My first marathon was 2005, 4:47, second in 2006, 4:47 = not enough practice in lsd, incorrect running form & knee pain. Third marathon this March 2007, 4:22 = good running form, plenty of lsd practice, stopped at the toilet & even took a break during the race, and the next day after the race I was swimming 1,000m at the pool. My goal this November is to finish the Lake Kawaguchi marathon under 4:00. Practice, practice and more practice is the only way to achieve your goal! To be honest, it is hard work! Let us know how your upcoming marathon goes. Good luck!

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              Sound good but different than what I've been doing. I guess I will let you know in two weeks if my plan worked. Good luck to all. DB

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                Not sure why the need for repeats in the endurance phase........ I will say this much. Any plan is only as good as the person following it. This is not a knock on you, your commitment, or your abilities in any way. Any plan that will get you out on the road, and putting in miles is going to help you achieve your goal. A longer plan with distinct stages has an advantage over a shorter one, because it can assume less (i.e. initial fitness). The plan I'm looking to use is 24 weeks, and has 12 weeks of base followed by about 9-10 weeks of speed, then the taper. I think your biggest concerns right now should be increasing miles and frequency.