RA Update (Jun 3) (Read 1489 times)

    Hi everyone,

    Here are the changes in this update:


    • There's now a GPX button on the view map pages.  When you click on it, you'll be able to export the map in GPX format.  If you export it via the map on the view workout page, you'll also get elevation, time and other misc data.
    • The mapping code will now automatically prune down the number of points in a map.  With fewer points, you should notice the maps will load faster and they will also be more responsive as you pan around or zoom in/out.  This is especially true for GPS imported maps.  The pruning algorithm may be a little aggressive and will be evident if your route has many tight turns.  I will work on allowing you to view the original map when I get a chance.  I will also add GPX import as well.


      The maps are definitely snappier now.  Of course it depends on your browser.  IE is the slowest.  Firefox is faster.  Safari (and Chrome) stomp the others.  Now Safari displays the map nearly instantly and doesn't even flash like I see when zooming on Firefox.  IE and Firefox still seem to stop and "think" before displaying the map.  Safari seems to zoom around the whole RA site much faster.