RIP Dreadmill (Read 1054 times)

    I like to run a hilly county road because it has a huge shoulder. But I also enjoy running on the mill afterward. The mill gives a different workout that can only enhance your running overall.
    This might be what I miss the most. Finishing up on the TM after a difficult run. Oh well, such is life. I'm adjusting to life without my dreadmill, and it's not all that bad. Smile


      I love running outdoors, but I usually can't run til after the kids are in bed, and I've twisted my ankle twice running outside in the dark (a long time ago) so I run a lot on my treadmill. I find I can lose myself in my music or videos and time flies by. I also like to push my pace on the treadmill which I find is easier to do on the treadmill. When my treadmill died last spring, I was running at our racquet club and found the "competition" fun and inspiring, staying on longer (or at least trying to) and faster than my fellow treadmill mates. Also, I ran at our school's indoor track (1/8 mile) and that was a fun time too. Good luck w/your running! -Kirt