Heading to Atlantic City, NJ! (Read 415 times)

    For the second time in my life I am heading to Atlantic City. A friend of mine is on spring break from her nursing program and to celebrate we are taking the day off tomorrow and joining a bus trip to AC. Does anyone have any secrets to winning? Or suggestions for places to eat? Or warnings of places to avoid? Telling me to avoid AC won't help...we already bought the tickets. With the condition of my sorry gimpy self I may need to get a wheelchair! Nah - that's what the box-o-Cosmopolitans are for...Pain killer. Evil grin (I had to giggle when I saw the cosmos in a box, I thought they only did that with wine) Big grin


    I fly.

      Have a great time! Let me know what you did that is fun since we are moving to that area in a few months and I don't know much about it.

      Bring it on.

        Cool Had a great time, left with $56 more than I went with. Ate at the Irish Pub on the boardwalk, just down from Bally's... - the chicken pot pie was perfect!!