Switching Garmin 610 and ANT agent to a new PC (Read 86 times)

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    I have my Forerunner 610 setup to upload from a Windows PC in my study.  Just got a Macbook Air and want to switch it over.  So I moved the ANT stick to the new MAC, downloaded and installed the software, changed the setting on the 610 to allow new pairing.  But the Mac says it doesn't detect the new device  Even though I'm holding it, turned on, inches away.


    What am I not doing?



      you have to "pair" it


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        The ANT Agent software is a fickle thing sometimes.

        Make sure once you download the software, that you then select "open" or "on" in the drop down menu(or window or whatever). And make sure on settings, you have the computer set to download what it sees the device automagically. I have mine set to NOT delete the activities on my watch after though, unless you want it to. I just manually delete them at the end of the month.