Any running gear bag recommendations please? (Read 108 times)


    Looking for a new running gear bag since mine broke.  Now that they only allow clear plastic bags at races, I just need something to travel with to organize my running stuff on the road and at home.


    These look interesting:  http://endurancebags.com/  and maybe this:  http://www.amazon.com/OGIO-Endurance-8-0-Bag-Acid/dp/B007A2JXCC/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1380997845&sr=8-4&keywords=endurance+bag


    Any recommendations for a nice athletic/gym/running bag please?


    Thanks in advance for your help!

      I just use a cheap Jansport backpack for the gym, but I quit the gym a couple of years ago as I have a treadmill at home and didn't really use it.  When I travel for business, I pack my running stuff into an Eagle Creek two sided half cube along with underwear and socks.  One side is waterproof and I move the dirty cloths over to there.  It takes up the same amount of space in my luggage as the clean clothes move to the dirty side.  I pack the shoes separately.


        Another thing I carry when I travel is a packable daypack.  It folds down to nothing in my luggage, but opens up to a good sized backpack.  I have used it for carrying my running gear if the office I was working at had a locker room.  I have also used it for day hikes when I had to stay over the weekend on a business trip.



          I've just been using the cheap sack packs I've been getting at races.  I also have a fancy one with a couple of pockets on it.  Kinda like this one from Asics.  But, with the clear baggage thing, I've been thinking of actually getting a clear bag that I could put into the clear bag.  Like the ones the NFL is selling.

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            I've just been using the cheap sack packs I've been getting at races. 




            And, to keep things separate in the cheap but perfectly functional drawstring bag, I keep some items in sandwich or quart-sized ziploc baggies (Gu, etc.), and larger bags (gallon or grocery bags) for wet/sweaty stuff.

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