ING Georgia Marathon (Read 331 times)

    ING Georgia Marathon As stated through the last few weeks my first 9 weeks of training were flawless then injuiries and illness dominated the last 9. I did get in a couple of quality weeks so I thought if I ran a smart race maybe I could perform like I did in Green Bay last fall. Saturday morning I got up early and went for a quick 2.2 mile run and then we went to Glenn's first race- the ING Georgia Tot Trot. I should have known from the organization of that things were going to be tough this weekend. After standing in a long, single line to pick up his bib, we went around to the race area. They lined the 4 and under group up for their race and then proceeded to talk for 15 minutes on the loud speaker. It is really a shame because Glenn was so excited to run the race all week- then with all of the stuff going on and then standing amongst all of these people for 15 minutes, he didn't want any part of it. We ran the race (I carried him mostly), then he didn't even want his little medal. We went to a friend's house for a pasta dinner Saturday night. It was great to see friends I hadn't seen in a while: Brian and Nicole, Lori, Barbara and Tim, Mike and Nancy, Judy, Michelle, Michele/John/Shannon. Sunday I got to the race a little late, checked my stuff, and head for the start. Major crowdedness. I worked up as far as I could but was way in the back. The first 3 miles were very, very crowded and slow- a lot of weaving. The marathoners split off at 3.25 miles so the congestion got a little better. One thing that was not good was we had water just before the split, probably at the 3.1-3.2 mile area, then the water stop at mile 5 was not there- anywhere. They had the signs up saying water just ahead but then nothing. The next water was not until just after the 8 mile mark. I cruised along pretty good until the 20 mile mark where I started cramping really badly in my calfs. I saw Lori and Autemn and thought I might run with them for a bit but I was cramping too bad. I turned on corner and saw a Bakery open. I went running inside and ask for some salt. After a weird look, they filled my palm with salt and off I went. I saw Brian and Nicole just I came out of the Bakery. I tried to run with them but the same thing happened with the cramping but Brian gave me some water wouldn't let me stop. Finally I had to stop. Both legs (calves and quads) locked up so bad that I couldn't even walk for a few minutes. Finally got going again and Brian/Nicole and I kept passing each other back and forth. At about 22.5 miles Brian/Nicole/Autumn, and Lori yelled at me for a photo so after posing we took off and ran together for a bit- until I started camping again. The rest of the race was basically a walk,shuffle combo (mostly walking). I just wanted to get it over. Finally finished with my slowest time ever- but as we all said after the race- "ok, Georgia's checked off the list." After the race we all hung out on some steps at Underground and then met up with Michelle when she finished- then it was off to the Varsity for some good greasy post marathon food! (posted from my blog so names of friends that no one knows are here).