Brooks Beast 18 vs Beast 20 vs On Running Cloudstratus (Read 27 times)


    Hi All,


    For the last couple of years my local running store suggested I use the Brooks Beast since I have FLAT feet. I think I've had 14, 16 and now Beast 18s and they have been superb! I heard right around when we slowly got shut down in the Northeast that Beast 20 was a bit of departure from previous years with a redesign. I would be curious if anyone has had an opportunity to use the Beast 20 and get their impressions even more so if they had the 18s.


    Along those lines I picked up some daily sneakers from on running in the Fall and have really liked their Cloudswift model.

    I don't think they would be supportive enough for my running but they do offer some models with increased support.

    For example the Cloudstratus is what their online tool recommends.


    Do they compare in support to the beasts? Less so? Better?


    I understand that everyone is different and the only way to tell will be to try them in the store (where I hardly ever have a real opinion) or out and about. As for my running, I usually do a 7 mile loop, 3 plus miles in the woods with different surfaces and 3 - 4 miles flat on gravel.


    To top it all off I'll run one or two ten miler on pavement. My highlight is the broad street run in Philly.

    I'm not very ambitious, just like the exercise and am trying to not injure myself while jogging.


    Thanks for any and all input,



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      I know this is old but I noticed this while searching for something else.

      My son is a runner and has run in On’s through high school

      and still trains in them at college.